MUST WATCH: Kim Klacik Gets Dumped From 'The View' After Reminding Joy Behar That Blackface Is Gross

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Kim Klacik speaks from Baltimore, Md., during night one of the Republican National Convention Monday. (Screenshot via RNC)

If Kim Klacik doesn’t come out of this election cycle as a rising superstar in the Republican party the GOP might as well just hang it up and go home.


Klacik has already proven her mettle by running in Baltimore as a Republican. Her recent campaign ad was a searing rebuke of Democrat policies that have ruined her beloved city.

Whether or not you care for the dramatics of election cycle ads, upon watching it there can be no doubt it was pointed and effective. Black Republicans typically don’t get much support from the GOP because of their election chances, but Klacik hasn’t let that stop her from forging her own path and hacking down the thick political forest in front of her one appearance at a time.

We should give a lot of credit to The View for even acknowledging that Klacik exists and inviting her onto their show. To be fair that’s more than most media entities have done for this groundbreaking politician. However, it shouldn’t be surprising that the whole thing went to hell in a hand basket faster than you can say, “Joy Behar does blackface.” Klacik was screeched at and spoken over until the interview abruptly ended with the women of The View simply cutting her off and going to break. But that didn’t stop Klacik from getting in a dropkick before her unceremonious departure.


In this clip you can see Behar is quite agitated as they discuss Bob Woodward’s book and Trump’s response to COVID. Klacik was expounding on the myriad of political issues surrounding the virus but Joy wasn’t biting. We don’t need to rehash what Joy thinks…you all get it.

Klacik was having none of it…cue fireworks.

BEHAR: Come on Kim. Excuse me, I have to say something to you. He told Bob Woodward that it was a very serious issue and it’s airborne and that’s its terrible….you have to put some blame on your President, I’m sorry. You’re putting it on something extraneous here. Talk to the point, please.

KLACIK: Is this Joy speaking? The same Joy that paraded around in blackface not too long ago? Come on, Joy. I don’t think you should be asking these questions.

Oh, snap!

As you can imagine, the Zoom room exploded, with Behar insisting Black people had no problem with her “costume” choices.

BEHAR: Excuse me! The black community has my back!

KLACIK: The black community has my back.

It’s hard to transcribe the rest. Cue all the women minus Meghan McCain (who was pretty much in “I am so done with this sh**” mode by that point) screaming at Klacik for daring to suggest Black Americans actually support her. Watch the clip here.


Redstate takes no responsibility to any damage to your hearing or state of mind after watching this clip.

Someone call a doctor.


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