RNC Chairwoman on Special Elections: Trump Is the Antidote to Republican Complacency


Tuesday night marked a spate of special elections around the nation. Pundits and election hawks were watching the results closely to see what kind of predictors they might be for the much talked about “Blue Wave” the Democrats are hoping to ride in November.


The results weren’t quite what the Democrat party had hoped for with the Republican candidate in Ohio’s 12th District looking like he may squeak in a win over his Democrat opponent. The race between Republican senator Troy Balderson and Democrat Danny O’Connor is still being called too close to call at the time of this publication, but projections look good for Balderson with most of the outstanding absentee ballots being predicted to lean Republican. Balderson had been trailing O’Connor until a last minute campaign stump in Columbus by President Trump.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that despite the close races, Tuesday’s results were a big win for Republicans and Trump’s endorsement “bumps” in particular were a good sign for November.

“President Trump is the antidote to Republican complacency…the Democrats are doubling down on ‘obstruct’ and ‘resist’ and that’s not a winning message.”

The desperately-desired “Blue Wave” may turn out to be nothing but a splash come November, but only time will tell.


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