Greg Gutfeld: If Trump Is a Russian Plant, He's the Worst One Ever

photo:Fox News still

Over the past two days when it comes to Russia there’s been a lot of heat from the media but not much light. But leave it Greg Gutfeld of Fox News to put it all in perspective, and with a healthy dose of funny. Check out his monologue on Trump, Russia and “collusion” (video below the transcript):



“Amazing. CNN is literally seeing shadows. I think there is medication for that. Trump address the controversy and we are going to get to that, but if he has a Russian plant, he’s the worst one ever. What kind of plant would try to force Germany to cancel its Russian oil contract? Oil being Russia’s only major export besides spies. What kind of plant would demand nato up their military spending to straitjacket Vladimir. Boosting our military by billions, an awesome plant. You have to be nuts if you think he is the manchurian candidate. John Brennan does, and he voted for a commie at the height of the Cold War. I guess he is the expert. Maybe trump should have talked tough but sent a few billion dollars to Moscow instead. Donald lost the crazy pants mode. So what. The world’s donkey Kong that we are always stuck at the same level, especially with Russia. Perhaps like with North Korea this could be different. If Putin is a thug but you can still chat while racking up points in his own backyard. Trump played nice, may be too nice, despite the media screeching for a cat fight. I say smile at Putin’s faced and screw him if you must everywhere else. Maybe trump should’ve skipped the presser altogether. If your TV was off and you are never heard about this story, would you have noticed anything different in your life? Just that it was gradually getting better? Jobs, the economy, taxes, terror. Trump is winning on a lot of things. Even if you are winning, you can always do better. By the way, a meaningful monologue.”




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