New Website to "Help" Women Have At-Home Abortions

I detest Cosmopolitan.

Be careful not to say “Cosmopolitan is just a dumb magazine.” Cosmo has been around since 1886 when it was a family magazine. Yes. Pro-family. It shifted to a women’s issues magazine in the 1960s (thanks, toxic feminism). According to its website, the physical magazine reaches 17 million, the website 35 million, and it’s published in over 80 countries worldwide. There is no denying that it has a wide reach.


In-between their ever-present, cheap sex advice and makeup tips you’ll find other, more controversial op-eds.

Jill Filipovic is usually the author of these nauseating columns. Past articles include one on Neil Gorsuch entitled 9 Reasons Constitutional Originalism Is Bullsh*t and a piece on poor, dear Chelsea called How Dare Chelsea Clinton, a Well-Educated, Accomplished Woman, Share Her Opinions.

Filipovic enjoys being hysterical. Unsurprisingly, she’s also a fan of abortion. Her most recent piece? This New Site Aims to Make It Safer to Have an Abortion at Home.

The website she praises and profiles is and a new service called “Self-managed Abortion: Safe and Supported (SASS).” You just know its makers squealed at their ‘sass’ acronym, as if killing your unborn child is a “you go, girl!” thing.

SASS, as described on the site:

The primary goal of SASS is to provide information and support to women in the USA around self managed abortion, to reduce any negative health impact associated with unsafe abortion methods, and to ensure that self-managed abortions are medically and legally as safe as possible.

SASS is more than an information service. SASS is also an advocacy and research project and will raise the overall visibility of the safety and prevalence of women choosing to do their own abortions without a clinician involved and create evidence for advocacy. The goal is to demonstrate the acceptability and safety of self-managed medication abortion to inform future efforts at deregulating these essential medicines and to strengthen advocacy efforts for expanded access to all safe options that are needed, including self-managed abortion and clinical care.

In the U.S., abortion is legal in every state, and every state has at least one clinic that provides abortion care. However, in many states the law requires that abortion pills be given by licensed health care clinicians, and a woman may be arrested for using abortion pills that were not obtained through a clinician.


The entire endeavor encourages women in the USA to obtain pregnancy-ending medications (Misoprostol/Mifepristone to be exact) which are currently illegal if not prescribed by a clinician. The site promotes black market baby butchering, and it’s obvious.

If one selects “How can I find abortion pills?” you’ll find the following:

In the United States, misoprostol is available:

In pharmacies, with a prescription. Misoprostol is used to prevent ulcers in people with conditions like arthritis that require them to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medication long-term.

From some internet veterinary supply stores and veterinarians, as it is used to treat ulcers and arthritis in dogs.

It is available over the counter in Mexico and many other Latin American countries. In Mexico, it is sold as “misoprostol”, “cyrux” and “cytotec”.

Combination packs of mifepristone and misoprostol together are also available on the internet, although not every internet site is reliable.

Really. REALLY.

In Filipovic’s article, Susan Yannow, a director of the Abortion Access Project, even states the security/legal concerns.

What could go wrong legally, well, there could be more arrests, whether a woman accesses this project or does it on her own. Our hope is if a woman truly understands that an abortion with pills is like a miscarriage, she’s less likely to say something that puts her at legal risk.


Yes, you read that correctly. Medical abortion is “like a miscarriage” according to these people. Consciously choosing to end the life of your unborn child is nowhere near the same as a woman suffering a miscarriage. That is entirely involuntary and met with immense sorrow.

Conflating the two, which is both scientifically inaccurate and a huge offense to women who actually want – but lose – their baby, is how pro-aborts must sleep at night. 

I went to the site and selected the “get abortion pills” option. This is a 10 minute e-consultation designed to provide women who want abortion pills with the actual product, once you donate to the non-profit group. In Filipovic’s article she states the site doesn’t sell medications. That’s a very convenient glossing over of the facts. When I selected I was from the United States, the consultation said my country was not supported by the service. It was just as easy to say I was from China, however, continue with the consultation, select “my house is too small” (one of the actual choices) as my reason for wanting a medication abortion, and proceed to the page where I supply a name and email address in order to get a secure link.

I stopped there.

It’s unclear if you can still proceed with and receive a shipment from this organization after supplying them with contact info from inside the U.S. It is more than clear, however, that the individuals behind this service don’t care about legality…


If you access the Website you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction.

…women’s health

Women Help Women is also not responsible for any damage, injury or death related to the use of the Website or Content published on the Website or transmitted by email.

…and they certainly couldn’t care less about the lives of the unborn.

It is the right of EVERY woman to control her own life.  We trust that you know your needs, and can make your own decisions about your own life and situation, your future.

In America, thousands of unborn lives are sacrificed each day on the altar of “choice” in abortion clinics nationwide. Planned Parenthood gleefully takes the top spot by killing 320,000+ per year. It’s incomprehensible to me that a site such as this even exists when American women so brazenly talk of and partake in this legal homicide as a matter of routine. Remember “Shout Your Abortion”, anyone?

So, there you have it.  A less-than-legal online service, which helps you understand and find abortion medication, so you can end the life of your unborn child while binge-watching that one show on Netflix. Don’t worry, though. It’s just like a miscarriage.

Empowerment, or something.


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