"Sue Magina" Calls Mike Pence Almost Daily And Talks About Her Menstrual Cycle

Modern-day feminism has really outdone itself this election.

Not voting for Hillary is considered sexism. Questioning Hillary about her emails is sexism. Breathing is probably sexist, too. And don’t you dare look at women, you sexist pig.

Unfortunately for Governor Mike Pence, he is almost a daily target by a woman using the pseudonym “Sue Magina”. The woman, whose real name is Laura Shanley, doesn’t like the legislation Pence signed back in March. The pro-life bill, HEA1337, bans, among other things, abortions based on race or gender. This is a good thing aimed at the discrimination which is the legal homicide of abortion. To feminists, though, it’s sacrilege to their religion of choice.

So what does “Sue Magina” do, actually? She tries to talk to Governor Pence…about her period.

Huffington Post reports:

On March 27, shortly after Pence approved HEA 1337, she started a Facebook page called “Periods for Pence,” encouraging women to call Pence’s office and give the nitty gritty details of their menstrual cycles to whoever answered the phone, as well as request that that information be passed on to Pence himself.

Shanley has done this almost every single day since.

The page ― which was changed to “Periods for Politicians” when Donald Trump chose Pence as his running mate ― has since garnered more than 75 thousand likes. But Shanley, (who remained anonymous under the pseudonym “Sue Magina,” until a Thursday interview with IndyStar) refuses to call it a movement. She told IndyStar that instead she prefers the term “action.”

“I feel like movement is a big thing and it’s hard for me as one little person to wrap my head around that. So I always hesitate to use the word movement but people have,” she said.

To Shanley, and the other women involved in this absurd “movement”, I’m sure they believe sharing all the bloody details with the poor soul tasked with answering the phones will somehow press Pence to rethink how he relates to women and the abortion issue. Thankfully, stunts like this are an incentive to laugh at feminist idiocy more than anything.

I am not a Trump fan, but I am a fan of the pro-life legislation Governor Mike Pence signed this year. “Magina” and her shrill harpie clan will probably continue harassing any pro-life, male politician with their gross rantings about their monthly blood loss.

For some reason, I don’t believe the suffragettes envisioned this kind of behavior as they marched for women’s rights when there still were ones to be gained.

So thanks for the TMI, modern-day feminism. You’ve come so…far.

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