Barbra Streisand: Another Mean Girl Trying to Protect Hillary

Barbra Streisand jokes with President Barack Obama before she receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015, during a ceremony in the East Room at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

As you’ve noticed, many on the Left are obsessed with the fact that Hillary Clinton is a female. Yes, we know she is. Though she has no control over this biological fact, she likes to remind us of this truth, and even describes it by using words such as “merit”. This is all entirely laughable, but it is to be expected. The existence of racism was supposed to be snuffed out by a black president. This cycle the same goes for sexism, right? Hillary will finally abolish it!

One place where the fixation on gender is most apparent is the entertainment industry. Female performers who have beat out many other starry-eyed auditionees to find themselves successful and employed have been some of the loudest warriors against what they see as a system out to get them and their fellow chicks. One shrill, outspoken female who inhabits this role is liberal hag Barbra Streisand.

At a “Women in Entertainment” event on Wednesday, Streisand expressed the following plea:

The 10-time Grammy winner said that women need to band together to support Hillary Clinton and “elect the first American woman president, someone who will represent our values and our interests.”

Call me a woman-hater, but I don’t require that the president share my gender in order to represent me and my values. Shocking in this age-of-feelings, I know.

Barbra didn’t stop there, however. She didn’t just encourage women to vote for the candidate who shares the same bathroom as them, she chastised reporters – girl reporters! – for being mean to the precious wallflower that is Hillary Clinton.

She ended her speech by calling out how female journalists interview presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “[I] noticed how snarky they can be. Their tone from the very beginning is antagonistic, judgmental, as if they want to prove how tough and hard-hitting they can be against someone of their own sex,”

“…remember: the more we support each other, the stronger we become.”

Babs is incredibly foolish. This we’ve known all along. Reporters should be “tough and hard-hitting” against any candidate, including Hillary. But actually, they’ve been anything but that. The Left’s failure to see such a thing is even more absurd than originally thought. How can a president be considered capable of representing our values nationally and internationally if they’re given a pass by the media? They’ll face hard-hitting moments which pale in comparison to a 15 minute chat with a plastic-faced news anchor. This goes for anyone supporting any candidate who they don’t believe should be subjected to questions and criticisms.

But we know why they have this mindset. Our reality for the past several years has been a president who speaks in platitudes, when we really need proven leadership, and is applauded for it. Strength of character and swift, decisive action are required traits of a president. Obama and Hillary Clinton have neither.

Barbra didn’t say anything today that surprised us. Instead, she reinforced what we’ve known all along. She and other Hollywood types, who are all-in for Hillary without daring to use a brain cell in the process, are just mean girls defending a mean girl.




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