Water Cooler 04/04/2019 Open Thread; Faces Of The Democratic Party Tulsi Gabbard

This Week It’s Tulsi Gabbard’s Turn

The last two weeks in “Faces Of The Democratic Party” we looked at two colossal dumpster fires posing as candidates, Andew “NAZI ROBOTS” Yang, and Amy “Duck and Cover” Klobuchar. Fun to look at but no real chance that they will win the Oval Office in 2020. This time around lets look at a real contender, who might have a shot if they can make it through all the clowns they are contending with.


Lets start with the big pluses Senator Gabbard has. She is the sort of Democrat we haven’t seen on the national stage in a very long time. She is a war veteran, an enlistee in the Hawaiian National Guard, and chose serving with her unit over campaigning for office. She also has a strong record on being pro traditional family values, supporting marriage as being between a man and a woman. A position she has since backed away from.

Sadly that’s about it for the high points. Her entire high points are elected office and a short stint in the National Guard. At the age of 38 she is barely eligible to run for the office on the basis of age and even less so on the basis of life experience. This most definitely shows.

Portrait Of A Chameleon:

It’s not unusual for young people to still be finding themselves well into their thirties but it’s hardly something you want in a president. In Senator Gabbard’s case saying that she is still finding herself would be putting it charitably, a more realistic assessment might be to say she says whatever she needs to whenever she needs to, to get elected and stay in office. You can see this in that she has been on both sides of just about any important issue you can think of and has red flags on the most important ones.


Initially she was adamantly pro the traditional definition of marriage, worked to pass a constitutional amendment protecting marriage, promoted conversion therapy and argued against civil unions. By 2012 she had done a complete 180 apologized to the the LGBT-ETC community and campaigned for the legalization of same sex marriage.


Baby Killing.

She was against it before she was for it, and has voted against a ban on late term abortions.

Early in her career, Gabbard took after her father. She opposed abortion and supported a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. After Honolulu Magazine emailed her father to ask about his former ties to a conservative Hare Krishna splinter group for a 2004 profile, it was Gabbard who replied angrily, accusing the magazine of “acting as a conduit for The Honolulu Weekly and other homosexual extremist supporters of Ed Case [her father’s opponent].

She effected a similar about-face on abortion, even receiving an endorsement from EMILY’S List during her 2012 congressional run despite her history of opposing reproductive rights.


Gun Rights:

She has an interesting superposition of views here. She supports the “Veterans 2nd Amendment protection act” which would prevent the VA from notifying the authorities that conduct background checks that a veteran had a mental difficulty that would preclude them from purchasing a firearm, while at the same time sponsoring bills that ban “Assault Weapons”. In other words she supports vets having the same right not to have guns everybody else will.

Where She Isn’t A Chameleon She Is Far Left

On the issue of health care she has sponsored legislation to enact a government run  socialized health care system paid for by a tax on the “wealthy”. Seeing as estimates for this type of system run around three trillion a year wealthy means anyone that will still have a job after it gets put in palce.


When it comes to foreign policy she is a living example of the left’s willingness to oppose anything just to oppose it. She has opposed the country’s strategy in Syria, criticizing the president’s missile strikes and the CIA arming fighters against ISIS. (Strategies that have stripped the terrorists of all their territory and reduced them to a wandering stateless gang).

The same pattern holds for energy issues, where she protested the Dakota access pipeline, and wrote legislation that if passed would have banned the use of fossil fuels. (Leave it to a politician to think we can power the country on wind)

Dangerous Yes And In More Ways Than One:

Policy and integrity haven’t mattered in a long time. Ms. Gabbard is young attractive, energetic and has few if any scruples about what she will do or say to get elected. This is a pattern we have seen before and it doesn’t work out well. What’s more if you look at Robert O’Rourke (Beto) . or Former Teleprompter and Chief Barry Obama you see it’s something that Democrats think is their winning formula. Put up a sock puppet that can appeal to the “Young and Hip” vote, that knows the nation needs to be changed, and they are the ones to do it.  Could she do it ? Maybe she could. We can count on the fact if she gets the nod the press won’t talk about her reverses and lack of integrity no matter how bad they are. No switching or hedging on this call. If she gets the nomination she will definitely be something to worry about.



Drink up That’s it for the Watercooler today. As always it’s an open thread


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