Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson Blasts FBI Over Involvement with Twitter, Free Speech

Chip Somodevilla/Pool via AP

Louisiana’s congressional delegation is among one of the most consistently conservative you could find from any red state, but I’d be willing to put Congressman Mike Johnson up against any conservative in the House. He is one of the best conservative thinkers the state is putting forward.


On Saturday, he joined the Moon Griffon Show podcast to discuss one aspect of the Twitter Files that Congress is looking very seriously at – the FBI’s involvement with Twitter’s leadership to help censor conservatives on the site.

Griffon is a statewide syndicated host in Louisiana with a major conservative following and the ear of every conservative politician in the state.

During the conversation, Johnson notes that the fact that the FBI was making suggestions to Twitter should be very concerning to everyone.

“It doesn’t matter what political party you’re in, what your philosophy is,” he told Griffon. “If you care about the protection of free speech, you ought to be alarmed today.”

“Twitter was all intertwined with the FBI,” he continued. “We’ve known this, or sort of guessed it intuitively. We felt like it was happening. We knew that our voices were being censored and silenced on Twitter and of course these other platforms as well. But we know now that it was happening.”

You can listen to the whole conversation in the video above.


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