The United Nations Claims to "Own the Science" of Climate Change, Works With Google to Censor Dissent

The United Nations, as an organization, has put forward some of the most comprehensive pro-climate-change through its commission and funding of research. They routinely sound the alarm on the threat of climate change, despite the fact that the doomsday predictions rarely hold up.


The latest major hurricane, Ian, was incredibly unpredictable and created a once-in-1000-year event on Florida’s west coast. Prior to landfall, the usual suspects in the Democratic Party and the media were talking about climate change and its impact on the storm – despite the fact that there is really no straightforward evidence that climate change made it any worse.

At the same time, of course, the White House was busy claiming that the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act would be putting a stop to events like this.

But, while American politics can stifle the march toward frankly idiotic policies to “stop” climate change, the United Nations has no such political intrigues. They, as an organization, are 100 percent on board with putting a stop to it (as though humanity has that kind of power) and are teaming up with Big Tech to make sure that anything to the contrary is kept from the mainstream.

I’m not making that up, either. They’re admitting as much.

The most powerful information search tool on the Internet is teaming up with a global organization to censor any contrary speech on the climate change issue. The narrative must be upheld, and dissent silenced.

This isn’t new information. The UN announced this back in April, and everyone just nodded and went right along with it. For a couple of years now, Google and YouTube have been actively shutting down ads and videos that buck the “scientific consensus” on climate change. Of course, we’re no strangers to their unjustified shutdowns of conservative outlets and information. It’s all in the name of combatting “misinformation.”


There is a Reliable Sources interview with Weather Channel founder John Coleman that always bears mentioning in this conversation. It opens with Brian Stelter insulting Coleman, calling him a climate “denier,” only to be corrected and schooled by Coleman.

Coleman best articulates what makes so many skeptics of the Cult of Climate Change so angry – the idea that this scientific “consensus” on climate change is bought and paid for by the government and these pro-climate-change global organizations. It’s not an organic scientific discovery.

But we are going to be forced to endure this. Forced to endure more of this private sector censorship, forced to listen to politicians try and create new policies that aren’t feasible and do nothing to actually fix any problems (but do make our lives more expensive).


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