NOAA Director Puts the Kibosh on Don Lemon After Attempt to Politicize Hurricane

Hurricane Ian is currently bearing down on Florida as the state mobilizes for the possible severe damage. Yet, despite the seriousness of the situation, the mainstream media have done their best to politicize the event.


On Tuesday, FEMA held a press conference in which numerous “reporters” attempted to manufacture, out of whole cloth, a conspiracy theory that Gov. Ron DeSantis was impeding preparation and relief efforts by the federal government. In reality, it was President Joe Biden who was refusing to make the traditional phone call to the governor, though that was rectified later on the same day.

Predictably, Democrats and the press are also trying to politicize matters by making Hurricane Ian about “climate change.” Recently demoted Don Lemon decided to push that narrative on one of the few shows in primetime he has left. Fortunately, the NOAA director on the other end of the exchange put the kibosh on him.

Lemon opens the clip by asking a leading question about what effect climate change is having on this “phenomenon.” The NOAA director, Jamie Bohme, brushes that aside, saying he can discuss that at a later date before forecasting that the rapid intensification of the storm has likely come to an end. He brings up the forming of a second eyewall as well.

In the stupidest possible fashion, Lemon again interjects his political obsession into the discussion, trying to get Bohme to blame the current hurricane’s strength on climate change. Here’s a rough transcription of that exchange with some emphasis added.


Lemon: You said you want to talk about climate change later, what effect does climate change have on this phenomenon that is happening now because it seems these storms are intensifying.

Bohme: I don’t think you can link climate change to any one event. On the culmatlive, climate change may be making storms worse, but to link it to any one event, I would caution against that.

Lemon: (Inaudible verbal fumbling)…I grew up there, these storms are intensifying, something is causing them to intensify.

You could just see the internal eye roll from Bohme as he had to listen to this vegetable of a “news” anchor insist that climate change is responsible for a Category 4 hurricane that formed in one of the mildest hurricane seasons of the last 50 years. And Lemon’s evidence? That he “grew up there.”

To put things into perspective, the entire month of August went without a single named storm. That’s how meek things have been. The first hurricane to make landfall domestically, which will be this one, won’t even do so until nearly October.

Yet, Lemon has his talking points, and he wants to push them at all costs. It’s as absurd as it is gross. People’s lives are in danger and the destruction of a storm this large will be significant. This is not the time to push nonsensical theories about climate change that abscond from the greater context of the entire hurricane season.


Besides, Lemon is simply wrong. The strongest hurricane to hit Florida did so in 1932. The Sunshine State and every other state in the gulf region that deals with this yearly issue have all seen massive storms before “climate change” was ever even a consideration. And if climate change was intensifying these storms to the degree Lemon suggests, you’d logically see more storms overall, which we aren’t.

But what has happened is that this overly mild hurricane season has become inconvenient for the climate hysterics. Thus, they are desperately seeking to make this one hurricane the be-all-end-all for their narrative. No one should take these people seriously, and when even Joe Biden’s NOAA director of hurricanes is shutting down this stuff, you know it’s bad.


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