WATCH: Black Lives Matter Invited on MAGA Rally Stage

Black Lives Matter

If there are two groups you would not expect to have a “come together” moment, it might just be the MAGA crowd and Black Lives Matter.

However, when a BLM group showed up to the “Mother Of All Rallies” in New York, the unthinkable happened: They were invited onto the stage. Watch the video:


If there is one thing we as conservatives know, it’s the pain of an entire movement getting smeared over a few bad actors. The BLM and MAGA movements are filled with human beings – people who are good and people who are bad.

We’re all guilty of it. We make those assumptions based on the bad actors, no matter how many of them there are in a group.


This is the most positive message of 2017.

What happened on that stage is a very human movement, where good people made connections with other good people. This is the most positive moment we’ve had in our political culture in years, and it starts with one underlying belief: That we are Americans and we have the right to speak our minds and we deserve liberty and freedom.

It is an incredibly powerful moment that was captured on film, and it is certainly a vastly different moment than what the media is constantly shoving down our throats.


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