With Friends Like Donald Trump...

Donald Trump made a lot of waves today with his announcement (via Twitter) that the military was not gonna let transgenders in anymore. Or something. Like John McCain, I’m not entirely sure what the announcement actually meant.


Anyway, Trump’s announcement was strategically planned. It was meant to take all attention off the turmoil brewing within his cabinet regarding his treatment of his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions. I think the strategy was wise, and it did generate discussions we do need to be having about military service.

Unfortunately, the strategic team left the room but forgot to grab the president’s phone, because he immediately took to Twitter to ONCE AGAIN savage his attorney general. Because of course he did. He absolutely did. Why wouldn’t he?

What he’s doing is calling Sessions incompetent. Which, if you’ve followed Sessions’ career in law, is absurd. Sure, his somewhat draconian views on civil asset forfeiture and drug enforcement could be better, but he isn’t totally incapable of doing his job.

However, the President of the United States of America is putting all this out here on Twitter to lay the groundwork for firing Sessions. We know that, because that is who Trump is and that is what Trump does.


This type of behavior won’t just stop with Sessions, either. Every member of the Cabinet should be (and, I believe, is) afraid that they could lose favor with Trump at the drop of a hat. Trump is a man who cannot even stay on message long enough to push a successful agenda. He has to deviate and attack one of the most loyal men his campaign had advising it.

Already, the rabid fan base attacks Sessions as though he were always a problem. The pressure from an active base and Trump’s irrational temper make for an incredibly panicky work environment. Nothing is going to get accomplished if any Cabinet member fears suddenly being tweeted about. The rest of your tenure at that job is going to be fielding journalists’ questions on how you feel about your job security.

I don’t know if there is anyone in the White House that Donald Trump trusts enough to take real, sit-down-and-listen advice from, but if there is such a person, please convince Trump to delete the Twitter app from his phone, then get his login information and change the password. Maybe then, something can get done.


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