Chuck Schumer... Actually, He May Not Be Wrong About The Senate's Obamacare Bill

Chuck Schumer spoke with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday about the Senate’s health care bill. Schumer maintains that Democrats would be okay with working to improve Obamacare, but that the Republicans won’t have anything to do with them.


(It might have something to do with the fact that Democrats keep accusing Republicans of wanting to kill Americans or something. Just a guess.)

Anyway, there’s one part of his interview that stands out, because Schumer isn’t really wrong here.

We are doing everything we can to fight this bill, because it’s so devastating for the middle class. I think they have, at best, a 50-50 chance of passing this bill. To get three senators to vote no, you can say yes, you can say no. It’s probably 50-50.

Is it in trouble because of the Democrats? No. Schumer is playing up their influence in the House and Senate. However, there are five Republican Senators who have a voiced their opposition. The bill is in trouble unless the White House, Senate Leadership, and conservative Senators find a way to make everyone happy.

So, Schumer isn’t wrong when he says their is a 50-50 chance, he’s just wrong on why. The Republicans who oppose it can be placated. Their demands aren’t that difficult to meet. It requires dialogue, however, and that is what has to happen now.


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