There's One Thing Trump Can Do To Ensure Republicans Keep The House In 2018

Right now, I think it’s fair to say both parties are worried about the House of Representatives in 2018. Either way you slice it, President Donald Trump is the deciding factor.


Either Trump can rally the base, continue making the Democrats overreach and embarrass themselves or Trump can sink and take the Republicans down with him. Those are really the central tenets of either side’s strategy going into the midterm election cycle.

And, let’s be honest, it really could go either way. Republicans have some momentum, with the Democrats losing four straight run-off elections. However, the entire media complex seems to be against Trump, with major outlets even doing so much as lying *coughCNNcough* to try to stir up some negative coverage.

If you look at Trump himself, you’ve gotta think there is something he can do to make sure his party keeps power in the House. Given the Ossoff loss, and the Democrats’ soul-searching right now, I think the right strategy has presented itself.

Donald Trump, on a Friday morning, needs to go on a Twitter spree about how Nancy Pelosi is his biggest roadblock in the House. His focus needs to be on needing Democrat support (probably because of House conservatives) and how Pelosi has made it impossible to reach across the aisle. The important thing here is that he has to sell it. Really sell it. Granted, he is a television guy. He will know exactly how to handle this.


The result will be as hilarious as it is predictable. Given just how insanely deranged the Democrats have gotten about anything regarding Trump, the only result we can expect is that Democrats will swarm to Pelosi’s defense and keep her as their leader.

Which is exactly the best case scenario for the Republicans. There is no one quite as out of touch with the modern Democrat base as Pelosi. Sure, she’s a great fundraiser, but her time as a leader, such as it was, is over. That is not something, however, that we as Republicans should want. We need the Democrats to keep Pelosi around as long as possible.

It’s just a damn shame Harry Reid left the Senate.

Donald Trump has a winning hand here in the Democrats’ utter hatred of anything and everything Trump. Smart strategists see this and will use it. Let’s see if the White House can turn it into something.



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