Barack Obama Is One Hundred Percent Correct

At a speech in Europe on climate change, Barack Obama took a supposed swipe at Republicans when he made the statement that we as a people get the politicians we deserve.


But, it’s not just Republicans that this statement applies to. Watching the Fall of James Comey as it has happened has been a real treat.

We’ve been able to watch as Democrats, virtually all of whom were on the record as hating James Comey for allegedly costing Hillary Clinton the presidency, lost their damn minds over Donald Trump’s firing of the man. We’ve been able to watch Republicans as they have gone from trashing Comey, to praising him, to dropping him like a hot potato when he gets his facts wrong.

And, of course, we’ve watched Donald Trump muck up the whole situation with one extraordinary firing. As expected, he’s taken to Twitter this morning to clear his name of any wrongdoing.

All of us, as American citizens, have gotten the politicians we deserve. Case in point? Mike Huckabee.

When Hemmer asked if Trump’s statement can be disputed “in a legal sense,” Huckabee responded “if people were going to be adjudicated of everything they said on the campaign, nobody could hold office. People say stuff in campaigns that they know they can’t hold up to. That’s nonsense.”

Huckabee went on to say that there are plenty of politicians who say things as candidates, just to find out that not every promise or statement is so practical once they get into office.


What if – now, follow me on this – but what if that’s the reason the American public has so little confidence in Congress? What if that’s the reason Donald Trump’s approval rating is so low? My God, what if this explains why the country is in the mess it’s in right now?

And yet, my dear friends, we keep electing people like this to office. Why? Usually it’s because they bring money back home, or the person who runs against them is somehow worse (or, at the very least, a whole lot dumber). We are constantly re-electing the best we can get, without going out and finding decent people to hold office.

Then again, decent people don’t want to hold office, because of what it does to you. Power can and does corrupt, and who wants the pressure of dealing with voters – the very same voters who gave us the options of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the first place?

So, yes, Barack Obama was absolutely correct when he said we get the politicians we deserve. In 2008, we elected as president a man who said “HOPE AND CHANGE” and was black and wasn’t a Republican. That was why he got elected. His signature achievement caused millions to lose their insurance and for millions more to pay exponentially higher insurance.


He also worked his ass off to increase the partisan divide in this country, taking swipes at Republicans and even publicly going after the Supreme Court during a State of the Union address!

The Republican Party’s response? Nominate Donald Trump, whose legacy thus far has been a flat-out refusal to repeal Obamacare, sign some executive orders, and fire a guy in charge of an agency investigating his election.

In the meantime, Democrats and Republicans have filled Congress with petulant children who throw tantrums rather than fix problems.

We keep electing these people, so yes, we deserve what we’ve gotten.



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