There's a Reason Trump Doesn't Care About Who Talks to the Russians

Mike Flynn was forced to resign from his position as National Security Adviser because of some early phone calls with the Russians regarding sanctions. The story blew up, and Donald Trump was forced to ask for Flynn’s resignation.


Did Trump want to? Not really, no. What we know of Trump is pretty clear on this: He saw Flynn as cutting deals, just like any good businessman would do. In return, the Trump Administration would get something back (or so he probably believed). To Trump, it’s all business. What are you doing to The Brand (in this case, America) and are you getting the job done?

Flynn’s actions ended up hurting The Other Brand (President Donald Trump), and so Flynn had to be let go.

I find it highly unlikely that Trump didn’t know at least some of the extent of Paul Manafort’s dealings in Eastern Europe, and yet Trump kept him right there with him until, once again, the brand started hurting. Then, Manafort was ejected.

See, here’s the thing about Trump that people still don’t seem to get: Everything he’s doing, he’s doing from the standpoint of a businessman. A narcissistic one, sure, but a businessman nonetheless. Because that is his basic drive, he is going to ignore the rules and ethical boundaries in order to get what he thinks is most important done.

Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus are men who have done the same, and were therefore the logical choices for their roles. Mike Pence serves the purpose of appealing to conservatives. The Cabinet seems to be a little mix of the conservative ideology and the business acumen that Trump believes makes him a great president.


Whether he is or isn’t remains to be seen.

National security? Not really as much of a concern as he made Hillary Clinton’s server out to be. If America’s secrets get out, then so much the better. It’s something he can brag about, like someone who accidentally sends a picture of his junk to the wrong person. He may acknowledge it wasn’t supposed to happen, but he’ll also say “Impressive, right?”

So, with the news update from CNN last night that said multiple Trump advisers were in constant communication with Russians, we shouldn’t be surprised if Trump doesn’t take much action. Not because he’s trying to hide something, but because he doesn’t believe it’s wrong.

He’s going to do what benefits him and his plans. It doesn’t matter to him if it’s right or wrong. He’s still going to do it because he believes it’s best for The Brand… whichever brand he happens to be promoting at the time.


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