I Thought This Was Beneath You, Hannity

Of the Trump fluffers/enablers in the media today, none has a higher profile or a louder microphone than Sean Hannity. His statements and behavior since the Trump Phenomenon really got going have become more and more erratic as time has gone on. Amid all the talk of what Trump is caught on tape having said and what he has been alleged to have done to young women, Hannity can do little more than shout “HILLARY LET FOUR PEOPLE DIE IN BENGHAZI.”

You know what, Sean? No. “Locker room talk” doesn’t offend me more than four Americans falling victim to a corrupt woman’s neglect of duty. I refuse, however, to let me or my beliefs be represented by a man whose words AT BEST advocate walking up to and grabbing a woman in the most offensive manner, because that is sexual assault. He is advocating sexual assault at best. That isn’t theoretical. That is literally what that is called.

We have gone well beyond dirty talk vs. Benghazi here. We are absolutely at the point where you, Sean Hannity, have allowed a con man, pervert, and sexual assault advocate to take the reigns of a movement you claimed to support. You made him the face of the conservative cause. You championed him. To quote you, Sean, own it.

Own every failure here. Own the failure of guys, like you, who didn’t step in and say “Hold on. I’ve got some questions about your past positions.” Own the failure of the conservative media to hold him accountable for his past actions, which are so blatantly anti-conservative that anyone with any common sense could look at it and say “Uh… why is this guy running as a Republican?” Own the horrifying details of his sexual assault allegations and own his statements on how to treat women. Own every bit of this as the campaign comes crashing down to the ground around you.

You can keep letting him represent you, but don’t you dare make the assumption he ever represented anything I believed.

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