UH OH: Donald Trump Got His Phone Back and He Immediately Went to Twitter

I just have this mental image of Trump with his fingers in his ears while some C4 goes off, opening a safe containing Trump’s phone. He grabs the phone and sprints to his room, locking the door. Kellyanne Conway bangs on the door, yelling at him to give it back. But, he has to get something off his chest at 3 a.m.

Alicia Machado will now be back in the news cycle because of last night’s (this morning’s?) outbursts.




Look. We’ve all been drinking late and made decisions we probably regretted the next morning. I get that. However, none of us has done so while also running for President of the United States. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is said to never drink, which makes his late-night tweet bursts so much more awesome.


The attack on Donald Trump, that he treats women poorly and is a disgusting pig of a man himself, is a personal one, not a political one. Everyone knows he responds to personal attacks by going on Twitter rampages. I also have a feeling he’ll go off-script at rallies, too. He’ll take a throwaway story and turn it into the weekend news cycle, leaving himself in the news in a negative light. Again. Because he has no control over himself.

Even worse, while there doesn’t seem to be much evidence right now that she has an actual sex tape, we do know Alicia Machado did pose topless for Playboy, something Trump’s own wife has done, making the attack seem ridiculous. And as far as the question of whether or not Hillary helped give her U.S. citizenship solely to help her attack Trump: why would she need to be a citizen to be used as an attack dog?

The story is now going to stay in the news cycle for the next few days. AT LEAST through Sunday, if not longer. If there is any bad news for Hillary (a State Dept. email release or some other Friday news dump), it’s going to be overshadowed by the fact that Trump can’t control himself. Hillary will just slide under the radar. Again.

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