Banning Skittles Wouldn't Stop the M&Ms Who Are Already Here

Last night, Donald Trump’s son, Donald Jr., put out a little graphic that stunned America into contemplative silence. The powerful message reverberated across social media, inviting discussion on the topic of terrorism… and candy.

On the face of it, the claim makes sense: if we face threats from a few Skittles, we should be wary of Skittles. Diabetes can be a very debilitating disease. However, the post comes on the day authorities captured the terrorist responsible for the Chelsea bombing in New York, and he… isn’t one of the ones who would be affected by the policy of halting Syrian refugees. He was a naturalized U.S. citizen.

The social justice warriors of the Internet (a truly horrendous bunch) were completely outraged at the tweet. As they are wont to do, however, they are arguing against something they actually believed at one point.

Anyway, if we look at Don Jr.’s post, we’re left with three interpretations:

  1. This post was unrelated to the terror in New York
  2. It’s completely ignorant of the facts
  3. It suggests we just start kicking out Muslims.

Interpretation No. 1 is a case of ill-timing. No. 2 is pretty much the modus operandi of the Trump campaign thus far. No. 3 is probably not the interpretation they were going for, but it is of course another good dog whistle to the alt-right.

However, the larger issue here is that the strategy of just keeping them out does nothing about the ones who are already here – like Ahmad Khan Rahami – who are just waiting on the chance to do what they plan to do. The “KEEP THEM OUT” strategy isn’t a real homeland security strategy, and ignores threats much closer to us: the ones in our own backyard.

The elder Trump hasn’t said much of anything about what he’d do to strengthen our defenses at home. What policies does he intend to put in place in order to deal with the threats that are already here? How can we worry about Skittles when we have poisoned M&Ms right here at home?

He doesn’t have anything. At all.


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