It's Not What Donald Trump Will Do. It's What Donald Trump Has Done.

At this point, it is fairly well established that Donald Trump is the Republican Party Nominee for President of these United States of America. Go us. If it turns out we aren’t, in fact, being Punk’d, then this is a reality a lot of people are going to have to come to terms with.

Donald Trump may very well end up being a half-decent president. He may not totally fail. He may, in fact, do some good. Hell, for all I know, Donald Trump is going to actually say or do something that I find persuasive enough to cast that vote for him… except, that I have vowed not to, even knowing that there may be some good in choosing him over Hillary.

No, my objection to Trump is more an objection to what Trump has already done and not an objection to what he will do. Donald Trump has taken a movement with all the potential to break the status quo of Washington D.C.  and forever changed it. It is no longer a controlled burning of the establishment. It is now a raging fire I fear we cannot put out.

Conservative activism, over the past eight years in particular has been about targeting the right guys and taking them out, one by one, until the status quo, the things that will never change so long as these guys are in any sort of power, is gone. That ideal is what gave us Ted Cruz. It gave us Marco Rubio. It gave us Mike Lee. It gave us Ben Sasse. All of these are good men. Even liberals who outright hate these men and their politics will admit that these guys are honest in their intentions.

But Donald Trump is not honest in his intentions. My side has, time and again, pointed out that he has donated to Democrats at every level. He has faltered in condemning white supremacists who support him. He has not only endorsed, but even participated in trashing not the people we have been hoping to take out to break the status quo, but the very men we have elected for the job. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were two of the best we had, and Donald Trump turned the very movement that elected them into a movement that tore them down.

He has corrupted the conservative movement for his own purpose, and that is unforgivable. Even if he is a decent president, which I simply cannot believe will be the case, he has tainted everyone he has touched in the process of getting there. Talk radio, the most powerful tool we had to combat the Left-leaning media, has fallen completely under his sway. Fox News, the one media outlet we had, has openly pushed Trump and pushed back against any idea that he is unfit for the job.

Like Scott McKay at The Hayride, I look forward to voting for Republicans in the future, and as my state requires me to be a member of the party in order to participate in the primary, I will stay there and vote against anyone who supported Trump. I can’t just up and leave because the party has nominated Trump. But I can fight him tooth and nail from within. I am a conservative, and I will fight with conservatives. However, the conservative movement, a movement I have been proud to be a part of, has been hijacked and twisted, and all the work we’ve done has been totally reversed. That is why I am #NeverTrump.

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