Commentary: The Serial Lying Emperor Has No Clothes

“The Emperor has no clothes” is a parable. It isn’t just about believing that feckless behavior is brilliant; it’s about the ‘king” believing beyond reason that bad news is good news and when confronted with objective facts, still believes the contrary or, simply, makes stuff up to fit the moment.


I’m old enough to remember Biden running for president in 1988 and being laughed out of the campaign for being a serial liar. It wasn’t just that he made up his academic accomplishments, but he was stealing from about every source he could rip a page from or making things up out of whole cloth about. Joe Biden has always been a liar.

Even before 1988, Joe Biden was lying about Joe Biden. Long before Biden was VP and gaffing his way through eight years of irrelevance, or making another run for president in 2020, hiding in his basement, he was a serial liar.

Back to 1988. The future emperor was exposed as a liar, after claiming to have academic chops that he didn’t earn. He claimed to have been an honors student when, in fact, he was less than an average student hovering in the bottom third. He claimed scholarships he never earned, and athleticism he never had. Media bend over backwards to justify or massage his lies to make them less of a lie, but maybe an “embellishment.”

For instance, Biden claimed his grandfather was an “All-American” football star. The term had not even been invented when he played football, and, in fact, the term was “All America.” Newsweek’s “fact-check” to explain Biden’s lie is a “my dog ate Joe’s homework” type of excuse. He lied.


In 1988 Biden claimed to have marched in civil rights marches. Biden repeatedly claimed to have marched arm-in-arm with civil rights leaders. Biden addressing a New Hampshire crowd:

When I marched in the civil rights movement, I did not march with a 12-point program, I marched with tens of thousands of others to change attitudes. And we changed attitudes.

That was a lie. Biden repeated that lie over and over, until he was confronted. His staff, 32 years ago, winced each time he invented civil rights heroism that he never earned.

The closest Joe came to marching with a “civil rights leader” was marching through the halls of Congress with former Klan member, Robert Byrd. Byrd, the now-dead former racist and once a white hooded Klucker said: “The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia.”

While people like former NRA president Charlton Heston were actually marching arm and arm with actual civil rights leaders, Biden was lying about it. Why do it, if you can lie about it? Even in the 1980s and without Google, real journalists were dubious and called out his multiple fictions.

Biden plagiarized in school; he plagiarized on the campaign trail. He plagiarized speeches by Robert Kennedy and Neil Kinnock. It all added up. His stack of fictions multiplied, and more revelations of a made-up life were waiting for their reveal.


Biden dropped out of the presidential primary and returned to the Senate. In announcing that he was dropping out, he said at a news conference in the Capitol: “I’ve done some dumb things, and I’ll do dumb things again.” A truer statement has never passed his lips.

Lying seems to be a family tradition. His sister has claimed her brother only made the error once and then, only because he was tired. That, too, is a lie.

While Biden was VP and in a position that carried no actual authority or power outside of president of the Senate, Joe became something of an  “Uncle Joe” — a gaffe machine who could wander the country dropping verbal poop at every stop and people would just laugh. “Oh, it’s just Joe being Joe.” VP Joe made his prediction of stupidity come true. Over and over again. During an interview with Katie Couric, he said:

Part of what a leader does is to instill confidence is [to] demonstrate that he/she knows what they are talking about … when the Stock Market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed; he said, “Look, here’s what happened.”

Biden is best at inventing lies about his own life, but he could also lie for other Democrats. The stock market tanked in 1929. FDR was four years away from the presidency; Had FDR gotten on “TV,” he would have been talking to a lab scientist on a four-inch screen.


For years Biden has lied about his wife’s death, blaming the other driver and intimating he was a drunk. His wife was at fault. He’s lied about a fire at his house. He’s lied about his life in Delaware – ranging from growing up surrounded by Puerto Ricans, maybe being Greek and Jewish, to having oil soaking his parent’s car and it causing to get cancer, to being a football star.

His most recent lies and frankly, the lies that are beyond the pale, are his stolen valor lies. His lies about his son Beau are simply awful. Yes, Beau served, but if you knew nothing about his son, and simply listened to Biden talk about Beau, you would assume he was a combat veteran and died from battle injuries.

None of that is reality. Beau was a JAG. He spent his service in an air-conditioned office. The closest he got to combat was reading after-action reports. Beau was awarded a Bronze Star for showing up, not combat. Although Biden likes to claim Beau died from cancer due to burn pit exposure, Beau’s air-conditioned office was nowhere near Camp Victory’s burn pit. Biden recently claimed Beau died in Iraq. That was, of course, another lie.

Besides being a serial liar, terrible president, and the “Big Guy” profiting from his drug-addled sex-addicted felonious son’s nefarious deals, he’s also a creep. If we didn’t see exhaustive examples of  Biden’s hands all over young women and girls, his own daughter diarized showering with Joe.


He’s been accused of slamming a staffer against a wall and sexually violating her–and seven other women. That was swept under the rug by a fawning and complicit media.

Now, there are revelations about Biden’s campaign colluding with Twitter in 2020 to suppress facts and win an election.  Facts about Biden being the “Big Guy” were hidden by Twitter and Facebook. His untalented son getting rich and now vacationing with his dad are no coincidence. It reminds me of a Mafia capo that the “Don” wants to keep close, because he doesn’t trust him and they want to coordinate their alibis. It’s a family of crooks and goons.

Joe Biden is an unpleasant man. He’s a creep on multiple levels. He’s a mean, lying dog-faced pony soldier. He’s an Emperor with no clothes.

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