The Pathetic New Liberal Cope to the Twitter Suppression Bombshells — Who the Real Victim Is

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

The scrambling since Friday night from the left to deal with the Twitter revelations is quite something.

We saw immediate, ridiculous reactions claiming that this was removal of “revenge porn.” I’m not sure how they get “revenge porn” from the Hunter Biden laptop, since there weren’t any “revenge” or naked pictures in the NY Post story. That is no justification for trying to shut down that story and locking the NY Post’s account.


But now, they’re trying to make Hunter Biden the “victim” in this story of that mean, evil Elon Musk. How dare he show how Twitter suppressed the laptop story to help Joe Biden?

Here’s Obama “bro,” Pod Save America guy Jon Favreau pitching this latest spin:

“Elon is spending the evening trying to embarrass someone who’s struggled with addiction so that he can juice engagement on the platform he bought that’s hemorrhaging money,” Favreau whined.

Then there’s this NBC News Digital tech editor.

You wonder why the media doesn’t do its job; that’s just one example.

It isn’t just about naked pics. That had nothing at all to do with suppressing the NY Post story – which had no such pictures – and shutting down the people who were spreading it, It was about suppressing things that could be harmful to Joe Biden right before the election. As we noted, they used the excuse of “hacking,” for which there was no evidence, to shut the story down.


It’s about the corruption involving the “big guy,” influence peddling, and being compromised with foreign governments. That’s what the left and the liberal media want to keep glossing over. Yet, even in the naked/prostitute stuff, there’s a video of Hunter talking about possible Russian blackmail because of his activities. That’s a huge thing, and it’s not clear that anyone in government is even investigating that or the implications of that. But the left just keeps trying to excuse all this.

What’s hilarious about this new take of the “poor victim” Hunter is to claim that take, you have to admit that the laptop is real. So, all those folks who were pushing that it was “Russian disinformation” are flipping on a dime to admit now it is real. But they’ll never admit what hypocrites they are in the process of all this.

The other tack they’re employing to cope with all this is arguing that this suppression didn’t involve the government, claiming that the Biden team wasn’t in charge of the government in October 2020 when the Hunter laptop hit.


That doesn’t mean that you didn’t have people involved in government who may have been involved, and/or who were acting on behalf of the Democrats. We already have seen how Mark Zuckerberg admitted how Facebook had been approached by the FBI about “Russian disinformation,” and how that led to the suppression of the laptop story.

Beyond just October 2020, we’ve seen all kinds of coordinated action being exposed, of Biden officials trying to censor information on social media, as Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has brought out.

That’s the thing: it isn’t about whether it’s a First Amendment violation or not, although that certainly would bring an additional legal problem to it. It’s about the collusion between the Democrats and Twitter, that they had them at their command to remove what they didn’t like, to remove what could hurt their candidate. It’s about the interference in a major story right before the election, that likely made a big difference in how some may have voted.


The media and others on the left just want to do anything they can to deflect. These guys have no shame.


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