CODE RED: Big Bird on Propaganda Street

Joe Cunningham and Mike Miller have already done yeoman’s work on the Big Bird Brouhaha. Both are excellent reads so click on the hot links.

But in case you’ve been on Mars, here’s a primer. Big Bird appeared on a CNN Special to help push COVID vaccines for children aged 5-11. I’ve read the stats ( I mean the actual odds of a child dying of COVID being  “incredibly rare”) and it seems to me (just an opinion) that pushing  COVID vaccines on a demographic that has an almost zero chance of death from COVID seems to be propaganda.


Joe Biden’s Twitter account tweeted his thanks to Big Bird for getting the poke which seems fair since Biden has the mental acumen of six years. I’m thinking this administration might take advantage of Big Bird’s child-centric audience and push more administration propaganda.

Americans love authoritarian mandates

Inflation is good

There is no border crisis

Joe Biden isn’t an addled puppet

Just to name a few.


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