CODE RED: As Goes the Dollar Tree, So Goes America

As Dollar Tree goes, so goes the country.

I admit that I didn’t know what a Dollar Tree was up to a few years ago. I was visiting my parents and my mom asked me to go buy some water glasses at the Dollar Tree. After a “what’s that?” I went shopping. Everything was, in fact, a dollar. Well, no longer.


Dollar Tree is raising its price. I listened to a woman complain vociferously about the planned price hike. She’s mad. So is the rest of the country. Inflation isn’t just hitting grandmas looking for water glasses for a dollar, it’s going to hamstring everyone, and it’s going to hit the poor particularly.

My colleague Brandon Morse laid a hammer on Biden attempting to get companies to pull him out of the fire. But heating prices are skyrocketing and for northwesterners that could mean making critical choices. Gas prices here in California are closing in on $5.00 a gallon. Last year we weren’t importing oil. We are now, thanks to Joe Biden.

Every consumer item from lumber to ground beef is more expensive and not just a touch. Bacon is 28% more expensive.

Inflation is, indeed, spreading through the economy like a California wildfire.

The Social Security Administration will increase payments next year by a whopping 5.9% — which is the largest increase in 40 years. There are a lot of reasons, but they all point to Washington, D.C. Pumping out trillions in paper money cheapens the dollar, and everything becomes worth less and costs more.


All Joe Biden needed to do after the inauguration was get out of the way. He inherited a vaccine and an artificially deflated economy. Instead, he stepped on every rake he could find, and we are going to pay for it. It’s actually remarkable how badly he’s screwed up the economy.

Methinks the country will follow Dollar Tree customers and will vote with their wallets in 2022

As Dollar Tree goes, so goes the country.


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