Biden Reportedly Asks Oil Companies He Hurt to Save Him as Inflation Set to Raise Heating Costs This Winter

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You’re about to pay a lot more to keep your house warm during the winter months thanks to Biden’s economy inflating like a bouncy castle, but don’t worry, because Biden has a solution. He’ll just ask the energy companies he screwed over to lower their prices despite already harming their bottom line.


According to the Associated Press, the U.S. government said on Wednesday that it expects to see some American heating bills skyrocket to as high as 54 percent compared to last winter. It mostly depends on what you use to heat your home:

The sharpest increases are likely for homes that use propane, which account for only 5% of U.S. households, but others are also likely to see big increases.

Homes that use natural gas, which make up nearly half of all U.S. households, may spend $746 this winter, 30% more than a year ago. That could make this winter’s heating bills the highest for them since the winter of 2008-2009.

The second-most typical heating source for homes is electricity, making up 41% of the country, and those households could see a more modest 6% increase to $1,268. Homes using heating oil, which make up 4% of the country, could see a 43% increase — more than $500 — to $1,734.

Winter forecasts are reportedly set to be higher this year than last year as well, so these estimations could be on the lower end.

Winter is coming and so are midterms. It’s hardly coincidental that President Joe Biden is trying to find solutions to stop his inflation from damaging Americans where they feel it the most; their wallets. The simple and most direct solution would be to drill here in America and drill now as Texas Governor Greg Abbott insisted Joe Biden begin doing back in August.


However, not only might it be too little too late, but drilling would upset his base so he’s left with one solution and that’s the ask the energy companies he damaged after all of his trifling to lower their costs. According to Reuters, two sources claim Biden has spoken with oil companies, though some of these companies are less than thrilled with Biden as it is and they may snub him anyway:

It can take six months to drill and complete a new well and bring the oil and gas to market. Any call by the White House for an increase in U.S. production is likely to fall on deaf ears, according to one oil executive, who did not want to be identified criticizing the approach. The industry has also been unhappy with some of Biden’s earlier actions, including a temporary drilling halt on federal lands, that they see as an attack on the industry.

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Press Secretary Jen Psaki denies the White House is in communications with energy companies at this time.

“I’m actually not aware of any contact with oil and gas companies around this particular issue,” Psaki said at a White House press briefing.

To be clear, this is the bed Biden’s made and he and the Democrats will have to sleep in it, at least until they’re kicked out of it by an angry populace that put Democrats in charge of the House, Senate, and White House only to watch them abuse and destroy a once-thriving economy.


As it stands, inflation has risen 5.4 percent according to the New York Post, with gas prices up 42 percent compared to a year ago thanks to the damage done to various energy companies. If it has to do with power, Biden made it more expensive.

The answer to our problems has literally been under our feet this entire time, but we can thank Biden and the Democrats for, once again, ignoring the solution to push an agenda. It’s very likely that this will be one more thing people will remember when it comes time to decide who to elect.


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