CODE RED: Hey ESPN, Let's See All of Your Employees' Emails...All of Them

I have an alternate headline:

“Former ESPN analyst Jon Gruden’s leaked emails come back to bite him.”

The leaked emails were from a former ESPN employee named Jon Gruden. Hold no illusion, the source of the leak was Roger Goodell. Jon Gruden was an analyst for ESPN while he blasted away at just about everyone in his line of fire. What made Gruden fun as an ESPN analyst was his “Chucky” side, his loose-cannon personality. Unfortunately for Gruden, he apparently thought that gave him license to insult just about everyone with just about every locker room/bar insult he could muster… and to do it in emails.


Why note that he was an employee of ESPN? Because ESPN is a woke temple of woke thought. You can have opinions, but you must have the right opinion. Sage Steele was suspended because she had the temerity to wrong speak about vaccine mandates. She didn’t disparage vaccines, just forcing Americans to take them. Oh, and she pointed out that Obama was raised by his white mother, and white grandparents, but IDs as Black. That isn’t allowed in the woke temple.

Orlando Magic center Jonathan Isaac articulated why, as someone who is young and healthy and has had COVID he is a very low risk ,was quickly vilified by ESPN hosts/analysts as ill-informed and a circulator of disinformation. The host of “SportsCenter,” Scott Van Pelt laid into Isaac. Other ESPN talking heads claimed he was a “Trumpster.” Those were lies, but they’re priests in the woke temple, so they are allowed to lie and conflate.

Once Gruden’s sins were revealed, ESPN’s “senior NFL Insider” tweeted a veiled “sins of the father” insinuation that maybe Gruden’s son should go, too.

“Even with his father resigning tonight as the Raiders’ head coach, Deuce Gruden remains the team’s strength and conditioning assistant coach.”


What’s my point? I have no doubt that some ESPN employees are deleting emails today that contain insults of blacks, gays, and/or women. But if they insulted people on the right, sure, there might be some blowback, but if you insult Herschel Walker, you’ll be forgiven. But if you’re Sage Steele and point out that Barack Obama was raised by his white family, you’ll get suspended.

I suspect Disney corporate let the troops know. Quietly. Sure, emails are forever, but might as well delete the bad ones, just in case you insulted the wrong idol.


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