CODE RED: Who Is Pulling Joe Biden's Strings?

Tell-all books were all the rage during Trump’s administration. Most went from the publisher presses to book store’s bargain tables in about a week. Who bought those books? I have a couple of friends who have obsessed over Trump for 4 years.  Even they didn’t buy books about Trump. Well, they also don’t read books, so that’s probably the answer.


Will there be a Biden tell-all book in a few years? Who is really pulling the strings on Biden? I admit I am a little curious. Assuming we aren’t speaking Mandarin by the end of Biden’s presidency, I would like to know who is directing him. Who, in the morning, reminds Joe that he’s not in Kansas, but he’s the president.  Who reminds Joe of the names of his cabinet members? Does someone hand him a picture book like: This is a dog, you spell dog, “D-O-G.”

I don’t mean the people trying to keep Joe Biden from walking into a hedge or a wall, but the people who are whispering in his hearing-aids or are writing his talking points, or putting notes in his jacket pockets. I’d like to know who is the power behind the throne.

Who is pulling the strings?



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