CODE RED: Joe Biden: "My Butt's Been Wiped" is "Unproven" According to Snopes.

I think Joe’s mind inadvertently blurted out something that he had no control over. Joe has Tourette syndrome and instead of cursing, he blurts out other unpleasantries.  Dr. Jill is in Japan being worshipped by US athletes like she’s the incarnate of Buddha, which means she’s not home to guide her husband to an exit, intercept the wrong reporter or interpret what he just said. She is a doctor, by the way, so one wonders if she also lowers herself to nurse-status and cleans up after him when he might have, missed a spot.


We inhabit a presidency where the president can gurgle out incoherencies and his press secretary will promise to circle back but never does. Jill might circle back as well ‘butt’ has other duties to perform.

Joe yelling at reporters “My Butt’s been wiped!” is, according to Snopes, “unproven”. That means he said it and they want us to move on.

Move on, grandpa needs his nap.



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