CODE RED COMICS: Drop the Legos, or We'll Blast Ya!

6 days ago, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes spent an entire segment on a Pennsylvania guy arrested with a “fully constructed Capitol building” Lego set. Hayes described it like the guy was caught with a “fully constructed” nuclear weapon. But the Lego set wasn’t loaded. It wasn’t even constructed. The shrink-wrap was still on.


In the charging document, the FBI declarant averred, under oath, that the Lego set was locked and loaded. Unfortunately, the attached photo showed a fully shrink-wrapped disassembled Lego weapon.

I’m not making light of the riot, just the breathless reporting of clowns like Hayes is aggravating and silly, and the absurdity of the FBI submitting conflicting evidence in a charging document. It would be nice if the FBI produced the same amount of vigor in tracking down the rioters who actually torched federal buildings last year.

Nick Arama covered this, in detail. Read his piece. Laugh at my cartoon. Both are fully loaded.


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