CODE RED COMICS: President Jill Biden

Biden’s mental decline is so obvious, and the left’s denial so intense that we seem to live in alternate realities. The shear gravity of the left’s black hole of cognitive dissonance is stunning. Every time Joe opens his mouth it’s like he barfed up scrabble tiles and we’re left to form them into words. Now he’s leaning into the microphone and scream-whispering. Biden has no tactile sense left. In his head he’s whispering lovely prose, in reality it’s a Kafka novella.

I’m past blaming Joe Biden. He’s an addled old man who got pushed into running for president by his title-obsessed wife. Dr Jill Biden lives with him and sees him everyday. She knew at least 18 months ago that he was not capable of holding his bladder, or a conversation. But Dr. Jill, famous for insisting on being called Doctor and who got her doctorate just so people would call her doctor, is apparently more interested in being queen than being the power behind the throne.

I thought it would take 2 years before Joe resigned. Now I’m convinced he won’t. He won’t because Jill has bigger plans. She’s the acting president now and I wager she’s running out the 4-year clock and plans to run for president.

After Joe is tucked into bed, Jill might take Joe’s coat off the hanger and imagine herself queen of the ball. I’d bet she’s responsible for the Kamala Harris pick . She knew that Harris would be incompetent. And history has shown Harris to be an utter failure as a presidential candidate. So, Dr. Jill will have the upper hand on titles.

Harris will run as a sitting VP. Dr Jill will run as “Acting President”.