Image: Jim Thompson/RedState
Image: Jim Thompson/RedState


Jill Biden is Dr. Jill Biden, because she seems to have a title fetish. When Joe was Senator Joe, plain old Jill was sick of getting mail addressed to Senator and Mrs. Biden. She needed a trumping title, so she got her doctorate.


Now, Dr. Jill is FLOTUS Jill, but that’s not the title she craves. Dr. Jill wants to be POTUS Jill.

While FLOTUS and POTUS were winging to the G7 Summit, Dr. Jill tweeted from her “FLOTUS – United States Government Official” twitter account, a photo of her at Joe’s desk (apparently while Joe was napping) with her reading the president’s G7 Briefing Book. The caption read: “Prepping for G7.”

Dr. FLOTUS is biding time. She’s prepping for the ultimate title of Dr. POTUS, second birthing person president of the United States. Sorry, Dr. Jill, the first birthing person to be POTUS was Edith Wilson.


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