Cast of Parks and Recreation Attacks NRA and Dana Loesch for 'Pro-Slaughter' Agenda

It shouldn’t be a surprise but it may be a disappointment to learn that the actor who played the no-nonsense, über-libertarian Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks and Recreation is just another Hollywood leftist.


After the official NRA Twitter account used a Parks and Recreation GIF to thank Dana Loesch for willingly walking into the CNN ambush last night to defend the Constitution, Nick Offerman and other members of the Parks and Recreation cast deemed it necessary to go on the attack. The GIF features a clip of the character Leslie Knope played by Amy Poehler

The show’s creator, Michael Schur demanded the NRA take the tweet down. So far it appears that the NRA has given the pretentious demand the attention it deserves. The tweet is still live.

Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson, in Parks and Recreation

The character Ron Swanson would almost certainly invite Mr. Schur to pound sand in the the bodily orifice of his choice in response that tweet, but not the actor who portrayed him. Nick Offerman displayed the “good hearted” nature of the television show with this tweet.


Cast member Adam Scott also weighed in and also could not express himself without profanity.

You may remember that Scott was one of the celebrities who joined the scare mongering over firearm suppressors for anti-gun Everytown. Like Hillary Clinton, the actors seemed to belive that suppressors actually work like in the movies, and make big dangerous guns make barely audible “pew pew” noises.

Obviously all these actors are free to speak their minds even if all their minds contain is irrational talking points but I have to laugh at their sense of entitlement here. GIFs and memes have become internet shorthand. People use them to communicate on social media even if they don’t know where they originated. Demanding the GIF be taken down is just sanctimonious preening from people who can’t come up with an intelligent argument.


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