Anti-Gun Nuts Display Epic Stupidity after Learning Gun Raffle Fundraisers Exist

The news media and many other characters on the left have discovered that in America, organizations often raffle off guns to raise money for causes or organizations.  They seem believe that they have discovered something horrible and incongruous.


A gun being raffled to raise money for school children? I mean that is literally like killing children to raise money for them. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!1!1!  How dare anyone engage in legal gun-related commerce when someone completely unrelated to them has commited a gun crime? 

An emotional response to horrific events like the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida is completely understandable. However, high emotions do not magically make stupid ideas any less stupid.

And make no mistake, attempting to logically onnect a raffle with an AR-15 as a prize with a crime committed with an AR-15 is exactly that. Stupid. It would have been no more stupid had people demanded that production and sales of the Dodge Challenger be halted after the automobile murder in Charlottesville, Virginia last summer.

The response to news about gun raffles this week is a perfect example of why gun policy should never be made in response to demands from emotional, irrational, or hysterical people who are apoplectic over the very existence of guns.


Protest what exactly? Law abiding citizens abiding by the law?

This person thinks she has made a clever observations. She is obviously wrong. Guns are in no way contradictory to pro-life principles. Guns are used to protect life far more often than they are used to take it.

Oh no. This one has seen through the NRA’s plan to hide the fact that most psychotic murderers obtain their weapons by playing charity games of chance.

Delete your account, Jake.


See ya.

Uh oh. She’s uncovered the dreaded gun raffle loophole.

When it comes to analyzing the crime and discerning how (if possible) future crimes might be prevented, there is no room for hysteria or emotion. Choices made solely upon emotion are almost always wrong. Policy shouldn’t be made simply for the feeling that we’ve done something in response to an atrocity.

Obviously, doing something in response isn’t inherently wrong, but the wave of public opinion after a terrible crime is usually aimed at doing anything in response. Whether it actually fixes a problem is unimportant because only the intentions matter when dumb people are having knee jerk reactions.



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