Nice Try, But Elon Musk Isn't Going to Get You Out of that DUI in Your Tesla

In San Francisco, a man attempted to get out of a DUI by claiming the high tech features of his Tesla rendered his intoxication perfectly safe, arguing that the car was on “auto-pilot.”


The California Highway Patrol tweeted a photo of a man found in his Tesla stalled on the Bay Bridge.

Officers say he failed a sobriety test but told them it didn’t matter because his car was on auto-pilot.

The CHP says even on auto-pilot, the Tesla requires some kind of response from a human being at certain intervals.

The auto-pilot feature on the Tesla is pretty impressive but it doesn’t completely eliminate the need for the driver to react to conditions on the road.

If the human driver does not periodically take action, the Tesla will gradually come to a complete stop. Apparently, this is what happened to the man on the Bay Bridge, prompting police to intervene. He passed out with a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit.

Judging from the photo tweeted by CHP it looks like the car stopped in the middle lane. But it’s cool, man, it was on auto-pilot.


There may come a day when you can pass out drunk in your self driving car and it will drive you home and maybe even carry you to bed and tuck you in, but it is not this day.


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