Count David Sirota Among Those Americans Who are Constitutionally Illiterate

A lot of left wing “journalists” have been making hay out of a recent study showing Americans’ ignorance of the Constitution and implying it has something to do with Trump. Many of them are displaying the same sort of ignorance that their fellow travelers are mocking. Case in point: David Sirota.


This is the typical sort of false dilemma used to get retweets from millennials pissed off about the amount of debt they incurred getting their Genderqueer Feminists of Color Studies diploma. Like most leftist ideas it fails any Constitutional test applied to it.

For Sirota’s bit of inanity to make any sense at all, one would have to believe that one of the enumerated powers the Constitution grants to the federal government is using tax payers’ money to fund college tuition for any kid with dreams of doing beer bongs, making phony rape allegations, or protesting Ben Shapiro as the second coming of Joseph Goebbels.

The Constitution says nothing about the federal government being involved with education in any capacity. It does however empower and charge the federal government to provide for national defense.

Sirota and his friends on the left would have you believe that whether the federal government should buy a college education for every citizen is merely a matter of budget priorities and that mean old white Republicans  like sending other people’s children off to war but hate education.

It’s nonsense, like the rest of Bernie Sanders’ commie pipe dreams.


We really shouldn’t have high expectations of Sirota though. As a journalist he is probably best known for once having the douchebaggiest avatar on Twitter and for publicly hoping that the Boston Marathon bombing was carried out by a white guy.

The latter didn’t really distinguish him from most of his brethren on the far left. Most of them get giddy after any act of violence hoping they’ll be able to pin it on right wing nut jobs, so Sirota isn’t unique or original in that respect. But that avatar…that was cutting edge. It’s still being talked about years later.

He looks like Zoolander had a baby with someone from the cast of The Office.



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