VP Pence Trolls The Idiots Freaking Out About His Healthy Marriage.

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Oxon Hill, Md., Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Many left wing idiots had conniptions about the sensible rules Mike Pence set up for himself to reinforce marital fidelity and avoid the appearance of impropriety.  Some put their ignorance on full display and equated it with islamic sharia law in order to portray Pence as a religious hypocrite.


That genius misses the obvious fact that there’s no “we” in this equation. It’s just a choice Pence made about how he lives his life. That people react in such a way to marital fidelity while largely ignoring adultery (unless it’s committed by a Republican) says a lot about how blind partisanship brainwashes people into being illogical, reactionary automatons.

This afternoon, in Columbus, Ohio, Pence dropped a one liner into his speech poking fun at the whole situation. It didn’t end up getting a lot of laughs but it did show that Mike Pence takes the programmed hysteria of leftists as seriously as it deserves.



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