Programmer Creates Amazon "Dash Button" to Donate to the ACLU Whenever He Gets Triggered

Amazon sells a device called a “Dash Button” which you can pair with your computer for one click ordering of products you routinely buy—laundry detergent, paper towels, etc. Now a programmer has created one which will allow him to donate to the ACLU every time he gets triggered by something President Trump does. Leftists do have some entrepreneurial spirit after all.


Using the company’s customizable IoT Button, programmer Nathan Pryor linked one up to directly donate money to the American Civil Liberties Union. Stick it on your desk or laptop, and every time you see our current president’s latest terrible tweet, you can ease your tension by pressing the button and sending five dollars to support the ACLU.

(I still find it amusing that so many people act as if liberty has only been under assault for the last three weeks.)

If only the left did this sort of thing for their pet causes instead of trying to force the growth of government. They could have a button to donate to a health insurance fund for the uninsured whenever they get the urge to demand single payer healthcare. Another button could donate to a scholarship fund whenever their need to provide free college to everyone becomes too heavy to bear. This could be a way for those afflicted by white guilt to provide reparations to African Americans. The best use of the technology might be for those limousine liberals who worry about not paying enough taxes. Their Dash Button could pump money directly into the United States Treasury.


They probably won’t think of any of those ideas. If anything they’ll connect a Dash Button to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign coffers and think they’re changing the world.

The ACLU doesn’t really need the money. They’ve already received about six times their typical annual donation total thanks to Trump Derangement Syndrome. But this Dash Button idea is a good one that I think conservatives should run with.


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