Of Star Wars and Libs of TikTok

Chaya Raichik (@LibsOfTikTok) appears on Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Today" program. Credit: Fox News

Back in the dawn of time known as the 1970s, when movies at least occasionally possessed an element commonly referred to as “storytelling,” this brief moment spoke volumes.


Without delving too heavily into the Star Wars mythology, the presented scenario is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s awareness that Luke Skywalker will take up his mantle as a Jedi Knight to eventually take down the Empire. Darth Vader, who at the moment of his duel with Obi-Wan is either unaware that Luke is his son or is too preoccupied to remember, acts and speaks as though defeating Obi-Wan will solidify his personal position and the Empire’s presumably galaxy-wide position as the sole ruler of all things. Unfortunately for the Star Wars franchise, this and almost everything else ran afoul of Kathleen Kennedy’s addiction to woke. But that is for our Brandon Morse to dissect.

Whether Chaya Raichik, the woman behind Libs of TikTok, is a Star Wars fan is unknown. Her recent interview by Tucker Carlson, in addition to revealing how at the height of attacks and threats aimed at her after Taylor Lorenz doxxed her while vehemently denying she had done so, received a direct sanctuary offer from Ron DeSantis, also revealed a soft-spoken young woman giving off the air that media attention is an accepted part of seeking to do the right thing and not a goal in and of itself, a goal for which attention and financial reward are the objectives. In other words, the Ye Grifters Society.


Without oversimplifying conservative versus progressive as good versus evil, there are several threads woven throughout the pre-woke Star Wars and Raichik’s story. If someone on the wrong side of things wishes to expose and destroy himself or herself, by all means, let them. What Raichik has done, and continues to do, is enable progressives to hoist themselves with their own petard by simply relaying their own publicly available words, without editing or editorializing, to a broader audience. It takes advantage of that about which Yoda warned Luke.

Progressives burn with anger and self-hatred disguised as self-worship. They are in denial yet totally aware of their futility. The progressive world is one of a satanic Peter Pan forever refusing to grow up. It insists humanity can undo what conception’s magic determined regarding gender. Progressives are sex-obsessed yet never have any. Instead, they preen and prattle about their non-existent preferences, attempting to draft others into their beliefs in the hope of muting the little boy at the end of the emperor’s new clothes parade.

Another thread shared by the original Star Wars and Raichik is assistance for the correct cause coming from an unlikely source. In “Return of the Jedi,” we had a climatic battle won in no small part by the clever machinations of … teddy bears.


As revealed in Tucker’s interview of her, Raichik is unassuming, someone who preferred to remain anonymous and was perfectly happy to ply her real estate profession while living a quiet life as a wife and mother well out of the spotlight until Lorenz did her dirty deed, doubtless not done dirt cheap. Now, Lorenz must know that she has opened a Pandora’s Box of conservative whoop ass by a woman who, by her admission, is not obsessed with all things political. Raichik didn’t start this fight, but I wouldn’t bet against her finishing it.


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