Film Ladd Drops Multiple Truth Bombs on Ye and His Grifter Leeches

Image from "No KanYE, Hitler Didn't Invent The Microphone" video by Film Ladd. Credit: Film Ladd/YouTube
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Ladd Ehlinger Jr., a/k/a Film Ladd, conservative filmmaker and the living embodiment of one who does not suffer fools lightly, has initiated a new series of film shorts on YouTube. His first, targeting Ye and his stupidity–plus calling out Ye’s current grifter posse–is a winner.


The video is a must-see for truth lovers and clown exposers. Some points within:

Early on, Ehlinger Jr. comments, “Not that I think Ye and his grifting entourage should be censored. In a healthy society, free speech is paramount. It’s important to let the crooks reveal themselves. No, the solution to bad speech is not censorship … but more speech.” A novel concept, at least to the left, which spent years reveling in its ability to manipulate like-minded social media titans to ban whomever they couldn’t win an argument against, yet are now screaming bloody murder when the same standards apply to their ilk. But I digress.

Consider Ehlinger Jr.’s point and his response to same. It is easy, far too easy, to rail against someone on the left or right who is using their mouth as a shovel to dig ever deeper into the stupidity pile. However, is not a far superior response laying out the facts refuting the imbecile’s spew? Ehlinger Jr. dismantles Ye’s assertion that Hitler invented the microphone, or anything else, and promises that in further videos, he will refute Ye’s other claims about Hitler’s innate goodness.

No, there is nothing good about Hitler, one of the many reasons why it is an unforgivable abhorrence to label a political opponent “Hitler”–unless said opponent is actively leading a world war, alongside committing mass extermination of citizens based on religion or other heritage.


A further point. Ehlinger Jr. has been fighting the good fight for decades. It’s sometimes hard to remember that Obama was elected 14 years ago. During that time, the filmmaker has had more than a few dust-ups with conservative social media wannabes who lavished praise on some of his brief videos, yet couldn’t be bothered to so much as mention his 2009 movie “Hive Mind,” a dissertation on what would happen if the entire world save one man fell victim to a liberal cult mentality. It would be more than regrettable if his new video series met the same fate. It demands to be shared.

A large part of the reason conservatives are getting slaughtered in the culture war is their utter refusal to join the fray. The right seemingly doesn’t know or care that how to save a life involves actual knowledge of what’s going on in the world. It is the secular equivalent of what Steve Taylor sang about some years ago, when he lampooned Christian isolationists who ignore the Scriptural mandate to be in the world but not of it, instead living as though they are neither in nor of the world.

Knowledge is power. As I commented here some time ago:

Read Adam Smith. Read Henry Hazlitt. Read Friedrich Hayek. Above all else, read the Book penned by multiple writers yet written by only one Author. From such references, we can learn how to differentiate between silly stupidity and genuine evil. We can also learn how to educate others, not with the wild-eyed rants so beloved by the left but from rational and cordial yet unyielding discourse on matters of truth.


Ehlinger Jr., in addition to exposing the truth and laying grifters to waste – the video names them – has provided conservatives with a golden opportunity to nudge others and say, “Hey, check this out – well-made truth.” In a world of mindless self-aggrandizing, red meat throwers doing nothing but preaching to the choir while pleading for a generous love offering from the congregation, we need all the Ladd Ehlinger Jr. we can get.


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