The RedState, Much More Realistic Summer Playlist for Barack Obama

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Barack Obama has released his summer music playlist, this news being greeted by MSM with the usual ooohs and ahhhs. Some enterprising soul could clean up by linking to all the fawning media coverage of Obama and posting same on a dedicated website. Does anyone know if IsntHeDreamy-dot-com is available? But I digress.


Looking over the list, there are some decent tracks and quality artists sticking out like nuggets in the morass. However, we at the Good Pirate Ship RedState cannot help but think the list isn’t truly representative of our 44th President, and naturally, we are here to help. So, without further ado, we present our Much More Realistic Summer Playlist for President Obama.

It is worth noting Obama’s list includes a Bob Dylan song. Nice, but the song selected is far from being the best choice. We can think of three better ones right away. First, we have this slightly lesser-known but ever so appropriate tune:

Next, a song that swiftly brings Barack to mind:

And finally, one to which we can all relate when contemplating the time Obama spent in office:

Ah, but what of the man himself? Elton John to the rescue!

Of course, we have the Obama administration promises to our allies:

And let’s not forget his tougher than nails stance on Iran:

Let not the First Lady be neglected:

And last but certainly not least, the media:

And there you have it. The perfect playlist for President Obama.

Of course, there is a far better one designed for listening.


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