NEW: As Russian Navy Conducts Drills Off the US Coast, Sen. Cruz Goes Off on Biden's Appeasement of Putin

Igor Palkin, Russian Orthodox Church Press Service via AP)

As we previewed on June 7 (thank you, Streiff), a submarine, a frigate, and two support ships from the Russian Navy are currently in Cuba, participating in military drills. 


While, as our Jim Thompson noted, the Russian Navy isn't the frightening behemoth it was in the "Hunt for Red October" time frame, and the Russians claim there are no nuclear missiles on the sub or the frigate, there are hypersonic missiles and having part of the Russian Navy just a few miles off of the U.S. coast isn't an optimal situation.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared with Salem News Channel's Andrew Wilkow on Wednesday evening and lambasted the Biden administration's policy of appeasement as leading to this situation, saying:

It's very frightening, and it's very dangerous. What we've seen in three and a half years is Joe Biden and the Democrats make an absolute disaster of foreign policy and national security policy.

When Joe Biden became president, he inherited peace and prosperity. We now have two simultaneous wars. We have the biggest war in Europe since World War 2, and we have the worst war in the Middle East in 50 years, and in both instances I believe that was caused by the incredible weakness of the Commander-in-Chief.

Our enemies look to the Oval Office and they see a president who is weak, who engages in appeasement, and every one of our enemies has gotten stronger, and America is at greater jeopardy than we have been in decades because of Joe Biden and the Democrats' weakness.

You look at Russia right here. Joe Biden began his presidency by giving a multi-billion dollar gift to Russia and Vladimir Putin, waiving sanctions on the Nordstream 2 pipeline. Sanctions that I wrote into law that Donald Trump signed into law that had shut that pipeline down, Joe Biden began his presidency by giving Putin that gift. He believed that appeasement of Putin would work, and it hasn't worked. It never does work, and the world every day gets more dangerous because of the weakness of this president.


Well, that's a way of explaining things that Democrats won't like. It's almost as if Joe Biden wanted Putin to be empowered so he would do something crazy like invade Ukraine, dragging us into giving what now seems like an endless taxpayer-funded gift (grift?) to corruptocrats and oligarchs in both Russia and Ukraine.

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Of course, knowing that Hunter and Joe have been linked to a known Russian asset, Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky (who served as Ukraine's Ecology and National Resources Minister and then as Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council), that makes a lot of sense.

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Cruz also had some great comments on the open southern border, and Biden's failures there. The entire segment can be viewed below; you can catch Wilkow! nightly on Salem News Channel.


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