WATCH: Larry Sinclair Says He Hooked Up With Barack Obama in Limo; Obama Showed Up For More the Next Day

Tucker Carlson/X

Tucker Carlson's full interview with Larry Sinclair, the man who's claimed since 2008 that he had sex with Barack Obama in 1999, was posted to Twitter/X on Wednesday. 


As Bonchie cautioned in his piece Tuesday:

It is important to note that Sinclair's claims are not new. He made the same accusations when then-Senator Obama was running for president in 2008, though the story gained little traction and was roundly dismissed. For further context, Sinclair is a convicted felon and has been in prison for forgery and fraud, among other things. He also tried and failed to run for mayor of a small town in Florida in 2018. Individual viewers will have to decide how Sinclair's past speaks to his credibility or lack thereof.

In addition to the evening Sinclair described in the preview clip, Sinclair says he and Obama had sex the next day. He went on with life, and said that he nearly "fell on the floor" when he was watching the 2004 DNC Convention on TV (from his home in Mexico) and saw Barack Obama speak. He said he told his friends:

You're not gonna believe this. I blew this guy twice.

Sinclair says that he sent three letters to Obama's campaign in 2007, through David Axelrod, mentioning the crack cocaine use and sex, and that he felt Obama should just be honest about everything since he had already admitted some past drug use. Sinclair said a man named Donald Young contacted him in late 2007, and that Young informed him that he knew that Sinclair had sex with Obama but that the campaign would not be acknowledging Obama's sexual escapades or crack use. Young was the choir director at the church Obama attended in Chicago and was murdered in December 2007. At some point Young stopped communicating with him, Sinclair said, and he later learned that Young "had been killed."


Sinclair also said that Young initially said he was contacting him as a representative of the campaign, but later confided that he was calling as a personal favor to Obama and claimed that he had been sexually intimate with Obama as well. Young was a gay man, and his sexuality was publicly known.

While Sinclair wrote a self-published book about his alleged experience with Obama and rented space at the National Press Club in 2008 to tell his story, he did not mention anything about Donald Young, as Carlson pointed out.

There are more details in the 41-minute interview; you'll have to watch it yourself to make your own assessment of the veracity.

Sinclair did not provide any corroborating evidence during the interview, and RedState cannot confirm Sinclair's allegations.


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