D.C. Police Chief Doesn't See the Point in Charging Teens in Uber Eats Carjacking as Adults

Mohammad Anwar, an Uber Eats delivery driver, was killed by two teenaged girls in Washington, D.C.

As we learned Friday, it doesn’t seem that the two teenage girls who carjacked Uber Eats driver Mohammad Anwar will face harsh punishment for their crimes, even though the older girl could probably be charged as an adult and the younger girl is a suspect in a January 2021 carjacking. One would expect equivocation coming from Mayor Muriel Bowser, SJW city council members, or perhaps woke prosecutors — but not from the D.C. Chief of Police, whose officers filed charges of felony murder and armed carjacking with a taser against the girls.


Sadly, Acting D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee III had some harsh and uncaring answers to questions posed to him by FOX’s D.C. affiliate about the case. When asked about the 13-year-old’s alleged involvement in another recent carjacking, Contee said:

“That’s one of many. We have one for that particular –  one of the individuals involved, but there are several carjackings that we have had so far this year where we’re seeing individuals that are involved in multiple, multiple cases. So clearly I think that speaks to us really examining, as a community, the accountability that’s in place. You know, how is it that someone is charged with carjacking or is responsible for carjacking commits another carjacking and another carjacking? I think it’s the larger issue than just this one particular case.”

Yes, Chief Contee, how is it that someone charged with carjacking or is responsible for carjacking commits another carjacking and another carjacking? Could it be that the sweeping “reforms” enacted in Washington D.C. during the summer of 2020 are leading to more crime since criminals have less to fear? Please examine that as a community, and let Anwar’s family know what politically correct solution you find.

When asked if he felt the 15-year-old girl who drove the car at a high speed with Anwar hanging on, literally, for his life should be charged as an adult, Contee said (emphasis added):


“The 15-year-old would not be charged as an adult. You know, obviously, this is a tragic case and, you know, charging this person as an adult [who’s] a juvenile … does not bring back the lost loved one in this case,” said Acting Chief Contee,” And certainly, again, the 15-year-old would not be eligible as a Title 16 case. You know, and it’s not really pointing fingers at anyone – the courts or anyone.”

Well, then. If that’s the logic, charging anyone with any degree of homicide is useless since it doesn’t bring back the lost loved one. Is there a case in which the manner in which defendants are charged DOES bring back the lost loved one? Because I’m sure there are a lot of wives and husbands and granddaughters and grandsons and moms and dads who would like to have their lost loved one back.

But really, doncha know that it’s really the community’s responsibility, not his, to ensure that carjackings “are fewer and far in between?” Contee continued:

“We have to ask ourselves as a community, is what we’re seeing with responding to how carjackers are being held accountable – is that sufficient? Does that align with the desires of our community? And I would say that if it does not – that everyone, we need to take a look at what we’re doing and how we can be more effective in ensuring that these things are fewer and far in between.”


Given that 101 carjackings were reported in the District between January 1 and March 28, 2021, compared to 22 during the same time period in 2020, the response to carjackings isn’t sufficient and carjackers aren’t being held accountable. Saying that this 13-year-old isn’t the only person charged in more than one carjacking during this crime wave isn’t inspiring confidence in Contee’s judgment or leadership, nor is the complete lack of empathy, compassion, and sense of justice evidenced in his replies.



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