Biden Telling WH Reporter "C'mon Man, Gimme a Break" Has Already Been Memory-Holed

On Thursday afternoon Joe Biden held a press conference announcing that he’d be signing a number of Executive Orders related to coronavirus response and vaccine delivery. After he signed the last one, a reporter asked him a question about whether Biden’s goal to have 100 million vaccines administered in the first 100 days of his administration was too low, or if he should have set it higher. Biden glared at the reporter then berated him, ending with, “C’mon man, gimme a break…it’s a good start,” before bolting from the room as quickly as he possibly could.


After I posted that video and story on Twitter, a few people replied that they were sure Biden’s people would make sure that part of the press conference/signing ceremony would not survive on the White House’s YouTube channel.

Well, whaddya know, they were right. The video below, from the White House’s YouTube channel, is cued up to the last 30 seconds or so before it abruptly ends.

So much for transparency.

ABC News’s video doesn’t show the exchange at all, while NBC and CBS’s videos show the exchange without audio since their talking heads were talking over it. As of this writing, Washington Post and Bloomberg still show the exchange on their videos.

In a vacuum, the exchange with the reporter and the fact that it’s not on the White House’s YouTube aren’t major issues. But after four years of most members of the White House Press Corps acting as if they’d been physically assaulted and abused by a President who simply called out their truly disingenuous questions, the shift in tone over this exchange between Biden and a reporter asking a simple question is incredible.


As far as the videos being scrubbed – where is the rest of the press on this? Are they really okay with the White House deleting video that doesn’t show Biden in the best light? Are they okay with not only ignoring Biden’s behavior, but with memory-holing it?

The lesson for people who care about truth and integrity in government is clear. Document everything. Archive everything. The mainstream media and those in the spineless establishment conservative media won’t do their job, so we have to.


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