VIDEO: Biden Snaps at WH Reporter, Walks Out of Signing Ceremony in a Huff

VIDEO: Biden Snaps at WH Reporter, Walks Out of Signing Ceremony in a Huff

(UPDATE: The White House is already trying to memory-hole this. Read more here.)

At the end of a press conference announcing new Executive Orders on COVID-19 response Thursday, Joe Biden proceeded to sit down and sign said orders in front of the White House Press Corps. Kamala Harris and Dr. Anthony Fauci stood behind Biden, ostensibly available to answer questions at the end of the ceremony.

Instead, when Biden melted down at the first question from a reporter and walked out in a huff (were he more physically agile one might be able to use the term “stormed out”), Harris and Fauci were in an awkward position.

After Biden signed the last EO relating to the United States’ Global Response Directive reporters attempted to ask him questions. An unidentified male reporter asked:

Mr. President, you set the goal at 100 million vaccines in your first 100 days. Is that high enough? Shouldn’t you set the bar higher [inaudible] where the US is right now?

Biden replied:

When I announced it you all said it wasn’t possible. C’mon, gimme a break, man. It’s a good start.

He then got up and walked out of the room, bypassing the podium and Kamala Harris. After an awkward pause and glance at the press corps, Harris turned and exited, followed by Fauci.

We all know that if this were Donald Trump and Jim Acosta, Acosta would already be on camera at CNN decrying the verbal abuse he’d just taken.

Watch the interaction here:

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