Agent Who Inspired Box Office Smash 'Sound of Freedom' Warns: 'Trans Voice' Agenda Is Straight out of the Pedophile Playbook

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RedState has reported on the reception from legacy Hollywood and the Left on the unexpected box office smash Sound of Freedom, starring Passion of The Christ‘s Jim Caviezel. Caviezel portrays Tim Ballard, a federal agent who rescues a boy from captivity in South America, only to discover that his sister has been left behind. The rest of the film focuses on the mission to get her out of the country. This journey leads Ballard to found Operation Underground Railroad, which works to rescue children from human trafficking across the globe.


One reason the Left is having conniption fits is because the film is building not only awareness about child trafficking and what must be done to blunt its impact but it also gives Ballard an even larger megaphone to talk about his work. In an interview with Daily Signal’s Tyler O’Neill, Caviezel and Tim Ballard discuss the film’s power and reach into their own personal lives, but also into the lives of those children Operation Underground Railroad has rescued and those the organization seeks to rescue.

Ballard specifically calls out the Biden administration for its abysmal border policies that are allowing human trafficking to increase. According to reports from the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency, at the end of September 2022, federal authorities encountered 152,057 unaccompanied minors at the border. By the end of January 2023, 91,380 more were encountered. It is an abject tragedy that America is at the top of the list for human trafficking. As Ballard says in the interview, “we are the demand,” and that is a shame. Ballard has discussed “the economy of pedophilia” in the past in a 2022 interview with Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo, and he outlines those numbers again in this video.



This trafficking economy is in overdrive with the war between Ukraine and Russia. Ballard relates that with the help of director Mel Gibson and an organization called Aerial Recovery, he was able to rescue over 6,000 children from Ukraine. While this is a huge victory, the most chilling part of the telling was Ballard’s encounter with a Dutch political organization called PNVD, whose platform advocated for sexual relations with children as young as three years old.


It’s a frightening ring because it’s a political party that was out of Holland called the PNVD, lots of media on them, they were trying to legalize sex with children. They thought a three-year-old could consent to sex.

The Dutch arrested them in 2020, which is, it’s very hard to get arrested in Holland. You know you gotta be really bad, okay, to get arrested in Holland. They were arrested in 2020–fugitives, they ran. And they were hiding, no one knew where they were. They rear their ugly heads, the leader, this guy named Nillson Matelin. I’m literally in Poland at the time at our staging operation for Ukraine and I get this information that this guy in Mexico is trying to traffick kids out of Ukraine. And so I go undercover, the Dutch asset who gave me this information infiltrated me, and I’m undercover talking to this guy. In the end, in fact, just yesterday two of these guys were convicted in Ecuador because it led us to Ecuador, a child sex hotel these pedophiles from Holland had set up.

But this was not the crux of what Ballard wanted to warn parents about, and he quickly steered the interviewer to the point he wanted to land home.


The point I’m making is, I had to study their literature. This was a political platform. This was a political party. And what I started recognizing, I named them, I called them, “The pedophile network doctrines.” They include things like, separate children from parents because parents are a bad influence, the state knows best; sexualize kids, let them see pornography; take God out of education because that just gets into the way; Consent, consent, consentchildren can consent to anything. At 12 years old they should be able to vote, they should be able to do anything.

Now, what am I saying here? My stomach is getting sick as I’m reading this, I read this every day—it’s the Woke Left agenda. I’m not saying they’re colluding or talking, it doesn’t matter, it’s the same dark source. But pedophiles are sitting back right now saying, “We’ve been pushing this agenda for decades and now we don’t have to push anymore because the Left is taking care of it for us in America.”

In America!

And this whole trans voice on children. You know, again, I’m Libertarian: adults, do whatever you want. I’ll fight for your right to do whatever you want in terms of adults. I’m talking about children. And what they are saying is that children can consent to having their bodies filled with a chemical that will destroy their reproductive system. They can consent to ripping apart their genitalia. This is insanity, in and of itself it is horrible, but what it will lead to is what the pedophiles have been asking for. If you can consent to that, guess what? What’s more fluid than gender? AGE.




It’s as shocking as a bucket of ice-cold water being dumped on your head. It is both sobering and frightening that the fight against pornographic literature in school libraries and against laws trying to strip parents of their ability to keep their children from mutilation have been part of the pedophilic doctrine from the beginning and is being forced fed into the American educational system by bad actors.

If for nothing else than this revelation, the Left would love to silence Ballard and strip his film off nationwide screens. The film continues to gain momentum through these types of interviews and word of mouth. According to a press release by the film’s distributor Angel Studios, they are projecting that their July 4th week opening will top $40 Million, and they expect a third-place finish in this weekend’s box office.

People are paying attention because their children’s lives depend on them doing so.

The full interview with Ballard and Caviezel. Less than 20 minutes and well worth your time.


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