AMA Demands That Garland Investigate (and Potentially Arrest) Journalists Over Exposing 'Transgender Care' Hospitals

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Merrick Garland has made it abundantly clear that he’s a political hack willing to act as Biden’s private police force. Whether it’s ignoring clear violations of federal law by allowing protestors to gather outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices, or ignoring leftist rioters yet sending a grandmother to prison for taking selfies at the Capitol Garland is willing to take and act on marching orders from the left.


Garland is perfectly willing to label parents domestic terrorists when asked to. He sent a SWAT team to arrest a pro-life father at gunpoint for protecting his teenage son.  Yet, the multiple cases of domestic terror at pro-life centers have gone unsolved with no arrests. Garland has in his 19 months in office clearly shown his intent to intimidate, arrest and prosecute anyone that he feels gets in the way of Biden’s domestic policies of abortion on demand and children being chemically castrated and physically mutilated. And Garland has new marching orders – this time from the American Medical Association.

The AMA authored a letter on Monday, addressed to Attorney General Merrick Garland, calling on Biden’s AG to, among other things, “investigate the organizations, individuals, and entities coordinating, provoking, and carrying out bomb threats and threats of personal violence against children’s hospitals and physicians across the U.S.”

If the intent of the letter was to alert Garland to bomb threats and threats of physical harm that would be one thing. The letter is clearly not just demanding that Garland investigate just crimes, it is a threat. The AMA wants Garland to investigate journalists and anyone else who is now, or will in the future report on hospitals feeding drugs to teens to stop their bodies from naturally maturing or slicing off the penises of boys or slicing breasts off of teenage girls, and mutilating their bodies to create a phony penis.


The AMA uses specific language to gaslight Americans. No longer is it called “gender dysphoria” it is now “Affirming Care”. care that affirms whatever the teen is feeling on any given Tuesday.

None of this language is a mistake. It’s calculated. This is meant as a threat to anyone questioning the validity of “hormone blockers” or questioning why the number of girls claiming to be transgender has skyrocketed. Just a few years ago someone identifying as “trans” was statistically insignificant. Now, 5.1 percent of American adults under 30 identify as transgender.

Journalists, doctors, or just the general public questioning why hospitals are operating on so many teenagers are cast as domestic terrorists. Just researching statistics using Google is a chore. The first several pages of information on the increase in transgenderism take you to left-leaning sites. Google is actively suppressing information it deems “harmful” to transgenderism. Even statistics that cannot be logically explained are suppressed. Inconvenient facts disappear. Facts are “disinformation”.


Merrick Garland has made it clear that he will act on these types of demands. Will it surprise anyone if FBI agents show up at Chris Rufo’s office in the near future, show him a warrant, and demanded his cell phone?

It’s 1984.


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