Biden 2024 Has Millennials and Gen Z Running the Re-Election of an 80-Year-Old President

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President Joe Biden announced his intention to run for re-election to a second term on Tuesday with the tagline, “Let’s Finish the Job.”

The unsaid ending to that line is, “of destroying America,” and we all know it. It’s not all kudos and smiles among the Democrats, as they complain about the lack of democracy in the Democrat National Committee refusing to allow Joe Biden to debate his other Democrat contenders.


But it is full steam ahead, for better or worse. Deputy Managing Editor Susie Moore teased that Julie Chávez Rodriguez would be taking the helm as 2024 campaign manager.

Chávez Rodriguez, a Californian, is the granddaughter of American labor leader César Chávez. Her parents were full-time volunteers for the United Farm Workers of America. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Latin-American Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. After volunteering for the Obama campaign, Chávez Rodriguez served in the Obama administration, first in the Department of the Interior and later in the White House Office of Public Engagement.

She worked with Kamala Harris’ 2020 presidential campaign before being hired by Biden to serve as senior adviser for Latino outreach for his campaign.

Oh. Joy. Another California politico. Be afraid. Be very afraid. This will be her proving ground, because her background shows she attached herself to the Democrats through name and race recognition, then wormed her way further into the inner circle with a stint on Kamala Harris’ failed 2020 campaign, while maintaining the Hispanic calling card through “Latino outreach.” So essentially, Chávez Rodriguez lacks any form of skill except using her race and background to get ahead.

Prove me wrong.

As his administration shows, Biden (or whoever is calling the shots) is pulling together the most diverse (read WOKE) campaign team. Latina Chávez Rodriguez, followed by the African-American Quentin Fulks, former campaign manager for Georgia Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock. Unlike Chávez Rodriguez, as deputy campaign manager, Fulks is actually smart and formidable.


Anne Caprara, Pritzker’s chief of staff and former campaign manager, who hired Fulks as her 2018 deputy, described him as a “soft-spoken” but skilled operative who understands Democrats’ uneasy coalitions, which span from progressive activists and labor unions to establishment billionaires like Pritzker.

“He’s a Black man from rural Georgia who’s also helped run J.B.’s politics in a place like Chicago,” she said. “At this point, there are no uncomfortable spaces for Quentin.”

In an interview earlier this year before Biden formally announced his 2024 campaign, Fulks said he learned to be unapologetic and thick-skinned about forging narrow majorities.

“You don’t compromise what it means to be a Democrat, but there’s a way you do it,” he said.

He pointed to Warnock’s support for abortion rights without emphasizing the issue himself, except to call attention to Walker’s statements of support for an outright national ban. Warnock, in turn, avoided questions about any restrictions Democrats might consider.

“When you have an opponent like Walker, there are plenty of people who’d look at all his liabilities and go as far left as possible,” Fulks said. “We never did that.”

Fulks managed to paint Herschel Walker as a right-wing hypocrite (with lots of help from him), while the left-wing hypocrite, the Rev. Raphael Warnock came off relatively unscathed. That takes a set of skills, and Republicans need to ensure they have a person with equal savvy on their presidential campaigns.


Fox Digital floated other potentials to head up the 2024 Biden campaign:

A number of other top Democratic officials are also in the mix for top campaign roles, Fox News Digital has learned.

Sources say those names include Sam Cornale, the current executive director of the Democratic National Committee; Roger Lau, the current deputy executive director of the DNC; and Emma Brown, the former campaign manager for Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly’s 2022 campaign.

It is unclear what roles specifically those individuals would play, but sources told Fox News Digital that their names are being discussed for top leadership roles.

Besides national campaign chops, what this campaign team has in common is that they are Millennial and Gen Z, signaling that Biden plans to use the same basement tactics of campaigning that made him “Teflon Joe” in 2020. Expect his team to rely heavily on their TikTok and other digital influencers, and mostly virtual means to drive Biden’s 2024 campaign. The fact that the DNC, run by Cornale and Lau, is refusing to allow any debates among other Democrat candidates running for president reflects this. They will ignore and bury the competition, while amplifying fake Biden appearances and accomplishments. And further proof that Democrat operatives never go away, they just get recycled into new roles, former junior press secretary TJ Ducklo, who resigned after he threatened a reporter who planned to expose Ducklo’s affair with another reporter, is slated to be the Biden campaign’s 2024 communications director.


So much for “believe all women.”

As for communications roles, sources told Fox News Digital that Michael Tyler, who previously served on Sen. Cory Booker’s presidential campaign, and TJ Ducklo, who served as national press secretary for Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign and later served in the White House for a short period, could join the re-election campaign.

Sources told Fox News Digital that the situation remains fluid and no final decisions have been made.


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