Even More Dirt Comes out on Katie Porter's Treatment of Staffers, Including Accusations of Racism

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As we reported, Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) — often touted by the left as one of their “stars” — blew that reputation big time with the despicable way in which she treated one of her staff, Sasha Georgiades.


According to text messages released on Thursday, Porter accused Georgiades of giving her COVID, and effectively banned her from working in the office, What made it even worse? Georgiades was a Wounded Warrior Fellow operating as a veteran liaison for Porter’s office and worked for Porter for two years.

Georgiades said she wasn’t fired because she was a Fellow, so Porter wasn’t able to fire her, but the Naval veteran said, “I do believe if there hadn’t been that protection of the wounded warrior program she would have.”

That was a big blow to the Porter fan club. But it gets worse. It wasn’t just Georgiades who was mistreated, according to Georgiades. She said that Porter had a history of treating her staff like dirt.

“She has made multiple staffers cry and people are generally so anxious to even staff her because if ANYTHING goes wrong she flips out on whatever staffer is present,” Georgiades said. “She just talks to staffers however she wants.”

“At one point we had an office hike and she left her kids with the staffers in the back while she walked off with the chief of staff,” she continued. “There is no regard to us or feelings or even what we are going through. It is only about her and what she wants. I tried to pass on legislation for veterans and active duty members several times and was told no because she didn’t like who had written it.”


Georgiades said Porter would overburden staffers with work, “so it either comes to a point that they can’t juggle it all or they are fired for not keeping up” and noted this “happened shortly after I got there with another staffer.” “He was so upset and hurt,” Georgiades said.

That was backed up by the Dear White Staffers Twitter account that broke the scandal. The account had more, noting that Porter was near the top of the list of members of Congress for staff turnover.

The account also posted complaints from other staffers. Another staffer detailed how “abhorrently and abusively” Porter treated her staff, that she was “prone to fits of rage” at anyone who displeased her or disagreed with her and was “incredibly arrogant, mean-spirited and petty.” The staffer noted that this was “narcissistic abuse.” Click on it to enlarge it.

Warning for graphic language:


They even said she makes racist comments, talks badly about everyone, and doesn’t care about her district, couldn’t cope with the demands of her job, but was only working toward statewide or national office.

The curtain is being pulled away on the “star.”

Democrats ignore all kinds of things, so it remains to be seen if any of them will hold Porter to account for any of this. But obviously, staffers working for Porter are hardly right-wing, so she can’t try to deflect it off with that excuse. She was close to getting the boot during this past election. Let’s hope that the folks in her district get the message that this isn’t the person they want representing them in office.


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