Why Virginia Foxx's Fourth Term on the Committee for Education and Workforce Is a Big 'Effen' Deal

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The first major hurdles of the new Congress have been cleared. Not only were the House Rules for the 118th Congress passed on Monday (220-213), but the House Committee chairs have been selected. As my colleague Nick Arama reported, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan has been selected as the Chair of the Church Select Committee, which will investigate the weaponization of federal agencies and Texas Rep. Roger Williams will head the Small Business Committee.


One significant shift was the appointment of North Carolina Rep. Dr. Virginia Foxx as Chair of the Committee on Education & Workforce. Foxx had already served three terms as the top Republican on the Committee but was granted a waiver to run for a fourth term.

The GOP’s Steering Committee, which is tasked with selecting who receives chairmanships and sits on panels, granted Foxx a waiver to run for another term as the top Republican on the committee. The House Republican Conference rules state that members can only serve three terms leading or as the ranking Republican of a committee before they are termed out. Some top GOP lawmakers have questioned whether the rule should remain in place, while other lawmakers argue the waiver for Foxx shouldn’t have been granted.


Every GOP member on the panel signed a letter in November in support of Foxx being granted the waiver.

Foxx’s dogged stance against the Biden administration’s Labor First agenda distinguished her as a champion for limited government and economic freedom and opportunity for the freelancer and independent professionals. So, it is no surprise that she was granted the opportunity to continue to lead this committee.


I had the privilege of participating in press conferences with Foxx surrounding the PRO Act and the Department of Labor Independent Contractor Rule changes. Foxx has been a staunch advocate and ally for those of us who want to maintain the ability to work as we choose, even going on radio in right-to-work states to draw attention to the radical legislation which undermined independent contractor rights, worked to destroy jobs, and would be a boon to unions, but a financial bust for small businesses. Foxx is a subject-matter expert on solopreneurs and small businesses in America, and like Senator Tim Scott, articulates eloquently why legislation like the PRO Act and rule changes to restrict and limit independent contractors are so harmful to the 54 million Americans whose livelihoods are the economic engines of the nation.

With Biden still playing games with student loan forgiveness, the National Labor Relations Board targeting franchise industries, and the Democrat-controlled Senate still trying to sneak the PRO Act into legislation, Foxx’s dogged commitment and oversight are needed now more than ever.

Foxx said in a statement,

“To officials in the Biden administration: think about investing in a parking space on Capitol Hill—you will be here often. Conducting vigorous and sustained oversight of the federal government, especially the Departments of Education and Labor, will be among my top priorities. We must stop this administration’s reckless and destructive regulatory agenda. In two short years, the Biden administration erected innumerable hurdles to the American Dream, but I am committed to tearing those hurdles down.

“Americans should be free to work, build, and educate their children as they see fit. Under the Biden administration, these fundamental rights are besieged, but I am committed to safeguarding them. It is time to restore Constitutional government in America.”


It’s past time. Let us hope that Foxx can maximize these next two years to see this come about for independent professionals, solopreneurs, and small businesses across the country.


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